When life gets overwhelming, it can be extremely difficult to be happy for others. Celebrating others’ wins, accomplishments and joyous moments in the midst of sadness may seem burdensome during this time. As you are navigating loss and disappointment, it is important to shift your mindset. Both happiness and grief can coexist. Here’s how to deal when celebrating others in the midst of sadness. 

Operate With Authenticity

When celebrating others, it’s important to show up in an honest and real way. People notice and appreciate authenticity. It is important to understand that your feelings matter. Don’t hide from your grief or try to stuff it away. It is possible to experience both joy and grief when celebrating others in your life.

Communicate Openly

As you reach out to friends and engage with them in their celebratory moments, you can acknowledge that something is hard for you. True friendship is made to withstand the hills and valleys of life.

A true friend will honor and respect the grief, loss or disappointment you are facing in the midst of their joyous moments. When celebrating others in the midst of sadness, you should make sure to maintain an open line of communication. You need a space to have open dialogue about what you are feeling.

Know Your Limits

Boundaries are important to maintain when celebrating others. Each one of your emotions in the moment are justified. Pushing yourself to celebrate someone’s moment when you are not feeling up to it can put a damper on the celebration. Be delicate with yourself and acknowledge your limitations.

Give yourself space and grace, and don’t feel pressure to do or feel anything. If you wake up one day and the grief is too heavy, acknowledge that feeling and allow yourself the opportunity to rest. Every day is not going to be filled with sadness, but you need to create a safe space where your mental health is a priority.