Every sign is a powerful, vital piece in the puzzle that is the zodiac. For some people, astrology is a fun practice that makes it interesting to ascribe certain personality traits over others. But for others, astrology is a way of life, and the deciding factor to every major life decision ever made. Whichever one describes you, this gift guide list is the perfect way to satisfy every sign of the zodiac in your life.


One thing about your Aries friend: if you're ever in a fight, call her, because she's got your back. This ram knows how to make a statement without saying a word — so getting her a bold red lipstick, like this stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick, is the perfect way to help her in her quest to kick ass and take names. 


The only thing your Taurus friend needs to relax is an excuse. Give it to her with this three-pack of all-natural bath salts for every occasion. 


Geminis are fun and playful by nature — and what better way to indulge in that creativity than to get your GemFriend this backyard zipline?


If you're looking for a spiritual awakening, your Cancer friend is here to provide. She's the perfect blend of emotional and spiritual support, but every once in a while, she needs her chakras realigned. Help her do that with this Core Meditation Trainer!


The Queen has arrived! Leos are peak regal energy — so spoil your royal friend with a throne just like this one. 


Virgos are the busy bees of the zodiac, and they're the ones who like to keep organized while also keeping busy. Help them achieve both their goals with this desk organizer!


Like the scales that represent them, Libras look for balance in their lives. Help them achieve that balance with this balancing tea. 


Your scorpion friends are often the most misunderstood: they're deeply emotional, but also deeply unforgiving. All in all, they're looking for someone to love them — and while you can't get them that, you can get them this little bit of self-love in a box. 


The most fun-loving sign of the zodiac is the Sagittarius. One thing they love to do is play games — especially games that remind them of their childhood, like this Super Mario Party game. 


Capricorns are as practical as Sagittarius's are mercurial. They know that patience and perseverance pay off in the end, so why not get them this exercise ball set to help them with their fitness goals?


Your Aquarius friend can be described in one word: weird. The good news is, she's proud of her weirdness. A unique gift — like this Pooping Pooches calendar — is bound to appeal to her off-the-beaten-path sensibilities.


Represented by the two fish, the Pisces is the most intuitive sign of the zodiac. Why not help them with their divine gifts with this Cup of Destiny?