Christmas is a great opportunity to announce that new bundle of joy entering your life. There are so many different ways to make the announcement, but one sure to surprise and bring some winter cheer to loved ones is through the traditional Christmas card. Imagine the surprise your loved ones will have when they open the annual greeting and are met with such a great announcement.

Perhaps Christmas cards are a bit old school and you would like to do everything through social media. Making your announcement on TikTok, the ‘gram or even Facebook will work just as well. Along with some of these announcements are photoshoot ideas and captions to announce that bundle of joy to the social media world.

Whatever you choose, first and foremost, congratulations. Now, as you consider the best place to make your new child’s debut, take a look at these 25 Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas to tell friends and family that you are expecting, or to announce your baby’s new arrival.

5 Christmas Pregnancy Photoshoot Announcement Ideas

Santa’s Little Helper

Baby dressed like santa

Dress in festive attire—a Santa hat for one, an elf hat for the other—with the expectant mother holding a sign that says, “Santa’s bringing a special gift this year!” If you have more than one child, you can dress them up as each and hold in hand a red bulb for Rudolph’s nose.

Christmas Lights

Ultrasound and lights

Stand in front of a beautifully lit Christmas tree with the couple holding a onesie or tiny shoes while gazing at each other lovingly. Depending on the type of lights, you can use festive colored lights or white blinking lights against a dark background. If you want extra points for announcement style, you can create a .gif out of this and also run it on your social media accounts. The .gif aspect will allow the lights to blink and perhaps contrast with an illumined background around the onesie and tiny shoes.

Wrapped Up Surprise

Pregnancy test in a gift box

Wrap a box in holiday paper, leaving one side open. Inside, place ultrasound photos or baby shoes with a tag that says, “Unwrapping our greatest gift this Christmas!” If you don’t have time to gather some of those things, a pregnancy test tastefully half wrapped in tissue paper with a ribbon or bow around it will work just as well.

Cozy Fireplace

Family by the fireplace

Sit by the fireplace with stockings hung, holding a chalkboard sign that reads, “Our family is growing by two feet! Baby [Last Name] arriving [Due Date].” You can even have a family member holding up a smaller, miniature stocking to signify the coming of your newest tiny addition.

Snowy Announcement

A heart-felt snowy announcement for your new bundle of joy.

If you have snow, create a heart shape in the snow with your hands. Have the expectant mother hold her belly while the partner stands beside her, both smiling joyfully. Another idea would be to create a small heart out of snow and hold it in hand with a simple text announcement running underneath.

10 More Creative Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These ideas are perfect for those that want to tell their family and friends in person about the new baby. Save them for when you visit home for the holidays or prepare your home in one of these creative ways to greet guests with a surprise. 

Stocking Surprise: Hang a tiny stocking on the mantel with a note inside announcing the upcoming arrival.

Gift Under the Tree: Wrap a small baby item (like booties or a pacifier) and place it under the tree with a tag saying, “A special gift is on the way!”

Photo with Santa: Take a photo with Santa holding a sign that reads, “Santa, we’ve been extra good this year! Baby [Last Name] coming [Due Date].”

Christmas Card Announcement: Create a Christmas card with an ultrasound picture and a holiday-themed message like, “Our best gift is on its way! Baby [Last Name] arriving [Due Date].”

Ornament Announcement: Design a personalized ornament with the words “Baby’s First Christmas [Due Date]” and hang it on the tree.

Holiday Movie Poster: Create a movie poster-style announcement with your family’s names and a tagline like, “Coming soon: The Newest Member of the [Last Name] Family!”

Elf on the Shelf: Set up an Elf on the Shelf with a note saying, “I’m going to be a big brother/sister!”

Countdown Calendar: Make an advent calendar with due date numbers and a final pocket revealing the ultrasound photo or a note about the baby’s arrival.

Christmas Cracker Surprise: Create custom Christmas crackers, and inside, have a small note or a toy hinting at the pregnancy announcement.

Snowy Announcement: Write “Baby [Last Name] Coming Soon” in the snow or create a snowman family with an extra little snowball indicating the new addition.

10 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Captions for Social Media or Cards

“The stockings were hung with extra care, because soon a new little one will be there! 🎄👶 #ChristmasMiracle”

“Our holiday joy just got a whole lot bigger! Baby [Last Name] coming [Due Date]! 🎁👶 #ChristmasSurprise”

“Under the mistletoe, a new love grows. Baby [Last Name] arriving [Due Date]! ❤️👶 #MerryAndExpecting”

“The best gift is on its way! Excited to welcome Baby [Last Name] this Christmas! 🎄👶 #BlessedWithBaby”

“This season, our hearts and family expand! Baby [Last Name] joining us soon! 🌟👶 #ChristmasMiracle”

“Snowflakes, carols, and a baby’s laughter—our Christmas just got merrier! 👶🎄 #HolidayJoyDoubled”

“Jingle bells and tiny feet, our family’s getting an extra seat! Baby [Last Name] arriving [Due Date]! 🎶👶 #ChristmasCountdown”

“Adding an extra special ornament to our family tree this year! Baby [Last Name] on the way! 🎁👶 #FestiveAnnouncement”

“Making our days merrier and nights cozier—baby cuddles coming soon! 🌟👶 #ChristmasBlessing”

“From two hearts to three, our Christmas wish is coming true! Baby [Last Name] joining us in [Due Date]! 🎄👶 #FestiveSurprise”