Ciara is more than a household name. Over the years, she has become a musical and fashion icon, and over the weekend, she added yet another reason to the towering list of why she has become a fan favorite over the years.

All-White Everything

On Friday, Ciara, the singer, entrepreneur, and mom of three attended Elie Saab’s fall 2023 show in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. The “Level Up” singer tapped into her legendary fashionista and wore a lacy, edgy, all-white dress. The dress itself included a long-sleeved, see-through dress paired with an all-white body suit and white, pointy-toed boots. The singer then doubled down on the chic look with a sleek, jet-black bob cut that accentuated her face. Although she had no visible jewelry, her dark maroon-colored lip and finely shaped brows tied the entire look together.

New Music

Asides from delivering fashion looks back-to-back and pouring into her various businesses, Ciara has also been working on, and delivering new music for our playlist. Over the years, the mother of three has made it a habit to advocate for women in the business deals she acquires, through her music, and her overall brand. Although her recent single drew some backlash, the singer has kept her chin up, gracing Paris Fashion Week, and having the time of her life. During her European sojourn, she has also linked up with fashion IT girl, Precious Lee at Paris Fashion Week.

Standing Up For Black Women

Malcolm X once said, “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman, and Jason Whitlock seemingly proved his point during his segment with Tucker Carlson in January. During the conversation, Whitlock said that single Black mothers were responsible for the demise of Black men like Tyre Nichols, who had died following a fatal interaction with the police. Nichols first started with the fact that the officers responsible for Nichols’ death were under the leadership of a police chief, who he referred to as a “single Black woman.” Whitlock also went ahead to compare the incident to street “gang violence,” and blamed it on Black single mothers.
“There is a racial element. And this is a story about young Black men and their inability to treat each other in a humane way. Everybody involved in this on the street level was either 24 to 32 years old. Everybody,” Whitlock said at the time.

Whitlock then continued the conversation, pointing out that Black, single mothers were responsible for death induced by street violence.

“It was a group of young Black men, five-on-one. Looked like gang violence to me. It looked like what young Black men do when they’re supervised by a single Black woman.” said Whitlock. Unsurprisingly, Whitlock’s controversial comments began to make their rounds on the internet, and many people on social media began sharing their opinions. The tweets finally made the rounds to Ciara‘s Twitter desk, and she too called out the sports journalist for his comments.

Ciara Speaks

When Ciara got wind of what Whitlock had said, she was quick to clap back.

These reasons, and many more, are why Ciara is a national treasure. It’s the culmination of fashion acumen, business intelligence, artistry, and advocacy, for us. Go, Cici!