Ever since JT and Yung Miami have started sharing their love interests publicly, many have been convinced that the City Girls are down. On the contrary, they have really been up! In a new interview with POPSUGAR, we get to see a more personal side of the Miami natives.

The rap duo opened up to the magazine in their digital cover story about their love lives, their careers outside of music and looking back on their journey. Both of these outstanding women have been getting into their own lives outside of the rap group they’ve formed and we’ve been seeing their development right before our eyes.


Photo Credit: Joshua Kissi/POPSUGAR

JT discussed how she has been becoming much more self-aware. She feels as tough it’s a responsibility of hers to be a role model for dark-skinned Black women.




“I feel like I have to represent that, the struggle,” she says. “And my brown-skin girls, when you not feeling that powerful, not feeling that confident, you are beautiful.”

She was also able to discuss her relationship with rapper, Lil Uzi Vert. She recalls how their relationship has helped her get through dark times.

“It made me a much better person,” JT says, with the biggest smile. “I feel like I found my home with him, my safe space. Once you find your safe space, you know.”

Yung Miami

Photo Credit: Joshua Kissi/POPSUGAR

Yung Miami’s newest podcast “Caresha Please,” has turned into a weekly group watch for her fans and has many wanting to know more about her relationship with Diddy.





“People don’t know us,” she says. “They don’t know what the f*ck we got goin’ on. I’m in there like, ‘Shut the f*ck up. Y’all don’t know what we have going on. Me and him gon’ be married — boom!’”

She also discussed the differences between “Yung Miami” and Caresha. She compares the differences to that of Beyoncé and “Sasha Fierce.”

“I’m always gon’ be Caresha,” Yung Miami says. “I’m always myself. But you know, my [stage] name is like my alter ego, and I feel like when it’s time to perform, or it’s time to do an interview, or when it’s time to give people what they want, I bring out Yung Miami.”

The City Girl Journey

Photo Credit: Joshua Kissi/POPSUGAR

Not only have the two turned The City Girls into a household name, but they can add “Executive Producer” to their list of accomplishments. The new HBO Max show, “Rap Sh!t” is a story based off of their upbringings, which they had a hand in creating!




“Just to be a writer for ‘Rap Sh!t’ is just mind-blowing,” Yung Miami says. “Coming from the hood, for [Issa Rae] to want to write a story similar to our upbringing, I’m still speechless. I never thought that we’d be doing big things like this so early on in our career, which is knocking down so many doors. We are here doing big things, the City Girls. We really came, and we’re doing our sh*t.”

Throughout the interview, the two often show gratitude for the journey they’ve been on. They also are enjoying the time they have to themselves to actually enjoy life and not have to hustle 24/7.

“That’s what lifestyle I’m on right now,” JT says. “I’m on soft-life vibes. I feel like as Black women, we deserve it.”


Fans are awaiting the newest album from the rap duo. JT discussed what fans can expect from the next project.

P*ssy rap — [it’s] what we stand for,” JT says. “It’s confident music, getting-ready music, girl-power music, pop-your-sh*t, talk-your-sh*t music, fun music, alter-ego music. It’s for everybody. City Girl sh*t, for real.”

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