Who doesn't love an affordable lipstick? From your drugstore favorites to the Colourpop ultra matte colors that changed the beauty game a few years back with their low-price point and high-quality formula, there are so many options. And the budget-friendly Colourpop is constantly coming out with new shades and formulas to indulge in. But their newest, the Lux Lipsticks, might be the most exciting launch yet.

Whether you're looking for a new nude, a sweet pink, a shocking bright or more experimental colors like green or black, the initial 24 colors that launched on Jan. 31 includes something for you. Colourpop even launched a vault of all 24 colors for makeup fanatics who want to collect 'em all. 

Photo: Colourpop

Although the brand has had lippie stix in its line forever, the liquid formula is definitely more popular. But the new lipsticks come packaged in luxurious gold twist-up bullets with stars adorning them. The same stars are pressed into the lip colors themselves, showing a continuity and attention to detail that we expect from luxury brands.

The formula was developed in three months, and the initial launch was actually pushed back in order to ensure that the product, although a bargain, was still up to high standards. Check out the shades today on Colourpop.com. And if your favorite shade sells out from all the hype, keep your eyes open for the next restock!

Want to see the shades in action? Watch as our YouTube fave, Alissa Ashley, tries on all 24 shades below.