As black women continue to spread their magic,  24-year-old Danielle Herrington has gained the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. Herrington is the third black woman to grace the cover since the franchise began in 1964. 

Herrington earned her cover in only one year after making her debut in the magazine in 2017. According to People magazine,  the Compton native received the surprise of a lifetime when Tyra Banks greeted her at the Sports Illustrated office with her 2018 cover. 

Tyra Banks is a SI Swimsuit legend as she was the first black woman ever to cover the magazine, alongside Valeria Mazza, in 1996 — followed by a solo cover in 1997.  Beyoncé landed the spot 10 years later in 2007.

Now, 11 years later, Herrington traveled to the Bahamas for her shoot and poses in a hot pink Ola Vida string bikini on the cover.

“Two of my role models are Tyra Banks and Beyoncé, so the fact that I get to join this incredible group of women as I become the third black model on the cover of SI Swimsuit is a dream come true,” Herrington said of the honor. “I am so excited to be part of this iconic brand that has long given identity and voice to women of all shapes, colors and beliefs. I hope that young girls who look at this cover are inspired to dream as big as I did and work hard to attain all their goals.”

You look amazing, Danielle; congrats on this win, especially during Black History Month!

This post was originally published on Blavity.