Finding true and safe love can bring the best out of most people. For Corinne Foxx, getting engaged to the man she knew would be her husband from the first date, completely changed how she viewed love.

“[Joe Hooten] has really pulled me out of my shell,” Foxx told 21Ninety, with a bright smile referring to her fiancé. “I’m an Aquarius, so we are hyper-independent. We can be avoidant at times and my fiancé, Joe, is a Pisces. They love love. They’re romantics, so he really did pull me out of my shell in terms of leaning more into my emotions and being more lovey-dovey than I used to be. He’s definitely the romantic of the relationship for sure.”

Meeting Hooten brought an unexpected, yet beautiful change to Foxx’s life.

“After our first date, I got in the car, called my best friend, and I said, ‘I met my husband,'” Foxx said. “It was just this knowing when I met him and we talked. We had similar values, we had similar upbringings, [and] I was like, ‘this is my person.'”

Similar to many people who fall in love, Foxx found her person when she least expected it. She was going through a purposeful single phase at the time she met Hooten.

“It was kind of like, ‘dang, I met my husband. No, I want to be single,'” she told 21Ninety.

However, when love calls, one must answer it. The two are getting ready for their upcoming nuptials. When it comes to wedding planning, Foxx and Hooten are a team.

“The best part is that I’m planning this huge, beautiful day to celebrate my love with my best friend,” she said. “My fiancé has been so wonderful. He’s been very involved. He doesn’t want to be like a typical husband who’s kind of like checked out.”

Hooten’s involvement goes beyond planning. His thoughtful proposal included Foxx’s family in a way that deeply touched her.

“Neither of my parents have ever been married, so I think it was really important for him to also allow them to be a part of this experience,” Foxx said. “They’re all excited because although it’s not their wedding, this is their first time going through the process as well. The fact that he included my dad in the proposal was great. Honestly, I think that was the most special part of the whole proposal, that my family was a part of it.”

A Family Affair on “Beat Shazam”

This strong family bond also extends into Foxx’s professional life. On the set of “Beat Shazam,” Foxx co-hosts with her father, Jaime Foxx. Now in its seventh season, the show continues to be a source of joy for both of them.

“It’s such a blessing to work with my dad,” Foxx exclaimed. “I feel like so many people go to work and they don’t like their coworkers and that’s a big part of their work experience. But I’m so lucky because I love my coworker and really going to work feels like, you know, hanging out with my family.”

Despite their close relationship, they maintain a professional dynamic on set.

“I feel like at work we’re both really professional,” Foxx said. “If anything, I’m like a parent to him. I’m like ‘Hey, we have to go. It’s time to be on set.’”

As for what’s next, Foxx’s horizons are broad and bright.

“I feel like back in the day you really had to just be one thing,” she shared. “You had to be an actor or you were just a writer or you were just a director and I feel like now as an artist, you can really be a little bit of everything. So for me, I’ve been writing a lot, [and] producing a lot. There’s a lot of different kinds of projects that I’m working on that I’m really excited about.”

With a wedding on the horizon, a thriving career and the support of a loving family, Foxx is truly embracing a new outlook on love and life.