In recent years it has become much more common for women to undergo cosmetic surgeries to enhance their bodies. Women are opting for Brazilian butt lift surgeries, Botox and more. Unfortunately, people who aren’t certified to handle these cosmetic services are often the ones offering them. Health officials are sounding the alarm on counterfeit cosmetic usage and procedures.

The American Dental Association specifically urges caution when going to veneer techs. They say getting dental work from unlicensed people can cause dental damage. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration has found cases of fake Botox in several states. It has even led to some hospitalizations.

“It’s like injecting an unknown substance into your skin, which is obviously a terrible idea,” board certified dermatologist Ife Rodney said.

Unreliable Cosmetics

Bottom line – it’s never safe to have a medical procedure or use counterfeit cosmetics that are not being handled by a professional in that field. 

“Any patient that goes to an establishment assumes that the establishment or the provider they are seeing is using good, reputable products and not counterfeit products,” Rodney explained.

If the practice looks legitimate, it can be hard for patients to tell whether or not it’s safe for a procedure.

“Patients don’t see the actual box or vial of botox. We draw up into a needle however much that patient will need and we go into the room and inject it,” Rodney said.

Buying Botox from a random source is not approved by the FDA. It likely isn’t manufactured by a real drugmaker either. Rodney says the best thing patients can do is to research reliable medical offices for these procedures.

Counterfeit Cosmetics Risks

You can suffer a number of complications after using counterfeit cosmetic products.

“The first major potential complication I think is infection. These products that are manufactured to be injected into your body have to be a certain quality and completely sterile. Meaning free of bacteria,” Rodney explained.

Next, there is the risk of an allergic reaction to the counterfeit product.

“It can have allergens and other agents that shouldn’t be in there,” Rodney said.

If you realize that you have used counterfeit cosmetics or went through a cosmetic procedure at an unreliable medical office, Rodney advises paying close attention to your body for any side effects.

“If you do notice a side effect, go to the emergency room immediately. Depending on what the product is, the side effect could even be deadly,” Rodney said.

The safest outcome in this situation would be that the product could be ineffective and completely not work. Rodney stresses the importance of finding certified dermatologists, dentists, and other medical professionals with expertise in the service you are looking for.

“Don’t just hunt down a cheap deal because it could be so much more expensive for you in the long run,” Rodney said. “From your peace of mind, your appearance if the cosmetic procedure goes wrong, and just your general well-being.”