Date nights indoors can be fun too, these couples’ card games were made to prove it. If you’re an inquisitive soul who likes to ask and answer all the questions, then maybe you’ve already played a version of card games. Question card games are designed to deepen bonds and offer the chance to speak about the below-the-surface things that sometimes take time to arrive at. With popularity rising with the ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ set and even the ‘So…’ question cards, it has become the go-to ice-breaker game. These days, these types of question card games are frequently used to have deeper connections and find out more about your loved ones. Card games for girls’ nights, families, and parties have become massively popular.

As far as intimacy goes, these cards won’t fail to reveal some personal inner thoughts or habits. We’re confident that you’ll see another side to your partner if you’re both honest. With this selection of best couples card games, you’re bound to find something to keep you interested and talkative. Read on to see which card game is right for you and your boo.

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Our top picks for the best couples card games

We’re Not Really Strangers – Couples Edition

It’s unlikely that you’ve attended a party or gathering and it didn’t end with questions pulled out of this iconic red box. Couples now have the chance to grow in intimacy with this relationship-focused deck. With 54 cards included (plus wild cards) you’re unlikely to end the night early.

Let’s Get Deep

Expand your understanding of your boo with this card game for couples that is all about the deep stuff. Is there anything off-limits with this deck? We’re not sure, but it is truly a go-to for many couples looking to get to know what goes on in their partner’s mind and life. The ‘Let’s Get Deep’ cards are divided into the sets: “Ice Breaker,” “Deep,” and “Deeper.” The cards also come with 500 ‘Let’s Get Deep’ cards (100 Ice Breaker, 200 Deep & 200 Deeper Cards) and instructions.

Couples Deck by BestSelf

The Couples deck by BestSelf builds on intimacy with some of the most unique and out-there questions going. This is the deck for the couple that can handle a few story times, honesty, and lots of vulnerability. The pack is also designed to help couples learn how to speak each other’s love languages – another big win for us.

The Date Game

Without a doubt, getting to know someone fresh can be deep and fun at the same time. The Date Game features on the list for doing just that. Certainly date-night proof for all levels of intimate relationships, couples can ask questions and enjoy activities too. Expect questions and prompts to range from taking selfies together to questions about pet peeves and big loves. The cards also come with dice to roll as part of the process.

Convo and Chill Couples Card Game

We love this card game because of the super chill but necessary questions asked. This is a game for the night drive to nowhere, canceled plans type of evenings. It’s an underrated favorite for a reason. In fact, this is a card game to get you comfortable thinking about the unthinkable things – but with admirable ease. Here is one example of the kind of question you can expect “Which is worse: physical or emotional cheating?”

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