It’s time to acknowledge that festival fashion has veered into tacky territory in recent years. Stuck in the early 2010s and influenced by Tumblr aesthetics, we’ve seen the recurring presence of flower crowns, tapestry prints, and harem pants that somehow manage to infiltrate every festival yet are met with criticism each year. However, one trend that has consistently emerged as fitting for the environment is Western wear. Unlike its “flower child” sister, Western fashion is not only stylish and on-trend thanks to Beyoncé’s influence but has also endured the fleeting trends of festival fashion over the years without feeling outdated.

What Western Wear Works for the Blavity House Party Music Festival?

As we anticipate Blavity’s House Party Music Festival on June 14 and 15 in Nashville, TN, and ponder what to wear, think comfort and style. Festivals are part music and part walking, so don’t get caught in shoes that will have you leaving the festival early or walking around with shoes in hand. Cowboy boots are a safe, stylish choice and perfectly align with Beyoncé’s recent Cowboy Carter lore. Their also the perfect ode to the festival’s Nashville location. 21Ninety has rounded up seven of the best cowboy boots that prioritize comfort, affordability, and style.

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Best Unisex Cowboy Boot

Yolkomo Western Cowboy Boots

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Amazon

Truth be told, cowboy boots look good on everyone, regardless of gender. Historically however, women’s boots typically feature softer structures and higher heels. Thankfully, this Yolkomo Western Cowboy Boot not only has a low heel and soft structure for comfort but also features a gender-neutral pattern and color scheme, making it a perfect blend of masculine and feminine aesthetics.

Best Standout Cowboy Boot

Bria Cowboy Boot AZALEA WANG

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Music festivals are part music and part walking. It’s best to make a fashion statement while doing the simple task of moving from stage to vendor. The striking metallic cowboy boot skin paired with the electric pink on the ankle of the boot and the curled toe is sure to turn heads. How can you not make a fashion statement if you’ve committed to a boot like this?

Best Tall Cowboy Boot

Arromic Tall Pointed Toe Embroidered Cowboy Boots

A tall cowboy boot with a pair of frayed shorts is a classic festival look. From Coachella to Woodstock, and hopefully Blavity’s House Party Music Festival, it’s only right to carry on the tradition. In a classic yet edgier take on the cowboy boot, this tall knee-length option comes with a sharp toe. This is one serious walking shoe.

Best Western Glam Cowboy Boot

Betsey Johnson Emory Rhinestone Western Boot

This boot blends the Cowboy Carter and Renaissance eras perfectly with its wild take on western glam. The rhinestone-covered boots scream Cowboy Carter’s sparkly sister with a comfort twist. The boot is a slip-on style with an inside zipper and pull loops, ensuring they are easy to get on and stay on. The ankle length is a great alternative to the classic cowboy boot, perfect for hotter climates, longer wear, and enhanced comfort.

Best Wide Calf Cowboy Boot

Sierra Wide Width & Calf Boots

Cowboy boots, although stylish, usually prioritize beauty and style over comfort and casual wear. Because of this, cowboy boots aren’t always made with inclusive sizes in mind. With a wide calf, cowboy boots become accessible and a cute fashion staple for everyone’s closet.

Best Instagrammable Boots

Madden Girl Arizona Knee High Western Boots

These boots are the main attraction when it comes to completing an outfit. For some festival-goers, it’s all about capturing the perfect Instagram outfit photo, and if that’s you, then these are your boots. With the tall heel, intricate pattern, and super narrow toe, these will for sure turn heads and pop on camera. Also, they throw it back to the hyper-feminine and ubiquitous trend that came out last year around the Barbie Movie. These boots easily could have snuck their way onto the feet of a Western Barbie without notice.

Best Printed Cowboy Boots

ROC Gallop Cow Print Cowboy Boot

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: UO

While the style and tradition of the cowboy aesthetic have a deep and respectable history, it’s time to modernize it. With a quite literal take on the cowboy, ranch, and western aesthetic, this printed cow print option stand out amongst the rye and leather.

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