Blush is an everyday staple in a makeup lovers’ routines. Cream blushes in particular are used for warmth on the cheeks to give that, vacationing on the Amalfi Coast glow.

Black and brown girls have influenced and revolutionized beauty products and the companies behind them. Despite that, some makeup brands don’t provide enough pigmentation in their beauty products like highlighters and blushes. This lack of representation for beauty consumers and influencers can be frustrating.

The prominence of social media, has seen makeup trends explode. From smokey eyes to the highly popular, soft glam, these trends shifted the culture and inspired brands to offer a wider range of colors for varying skin types.

21Ninety has curated this list of cream blushes that particularly compliment brown skin.

Rare Beauty

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Sephora

Selena Gomez’s brand gained popularity in the last few years for its under $30 price point and solid products. Gomez created this cruelty-free and vegan brand to embrace uniqueness.

The brand’s liquid to cream blushes gained notoriety for their rich formula and beautiful tones, ranging from mid-tone berry to electric magenta. This product blends naturally without highlighting the pores. The blush comes in a matte and radiant finish, giving the variety and dimension.

Fenty Beauty

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Sephora

Fenty Beauty became a namesake in the world of cosmetics after its launch in 2017. Of course, Rihanna couldn’t leave our cheeks out of the brands wide ranging color offerings. Black girls around the world gave top ratings to Fenty’s cream blushes for their color payoff and universal usage. The silky, balm-like blushes come in nine different shades. Influencers say the tips of the fingers are the best way to apply this product. 

Danessa Myricks

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Sephora

Danessa Myricks is a renowned makeup artist and product developer who made a name for herself in the beauty industry. As a Black woman, Myricks paved the way for makeup artists and beauty lovers. She designed innovative products for a diverse clientele.

The cream blush adjusts to a powder once blended into the skin. The blurring effect diminishes textured skin for a porcelain finish. Each shade compliments different skin tones.


Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Sephora

Glossier’s minimalistic but feminine brand caught the attention of almost every makeup fanatic in the past few years. Glossier started as a beauty blog then transformed into a skin-care and beauty brand while mastering the natural and poreless aesthetic. Their cloud paint blushes are one of their most popular items for on-the-go beauty lovers. The gel-like consistency to cream-finish blush is buildable but breathable. Most beauty influencers mix and match shades for more vibrancy and depth. The blush can be worn over foundation or a bare-face. Glossier calls the blush, the most user-friendly blush under the sun.

Lys Beauty

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Sephora

Lys Beauty is a game changer as one the first Black-owned, clean beauty brands in Sephora. The brand’s signature triangle packaging represents change in beauty, sustainability, and diversity. Founder Tisha Thompson wanted to dismiss the idea “that clean beauty, deep shade ranges and high-performance products cannot coexist.” Sometimes clean beauty brands believe subtleness and sustainability should be synonymous with their products.

Lys Beauty rich, color defining, blushes contain healthy ingredients like kaolin Clay, avocado oil and vitamin e leaving a revitalized and hydrated finish to the skin. The nine shades are earth-toned which compliments every race. 

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