For women with melanin in our skin, the journey of completely loving and accepting one’s self hasn’t always been easy. It’s a path that consists of patience, dedication, love and an abundance of fortitude time to successfully achieve. A woman’s crown, as we know it, is mostly associated with the hair that grows from her head. But I believe our crown to be everything that we women of color embody, which includes but isn’t subjected to — our mind, body and soul. There is beauty in every detail of a black woman, from the way she speaks to the way she walks to her choice of fashion, way of thinking, the way she chooses to conduct herself and to the lives she inspires.

We as black women have always seemed to get the short end of the stick. We have been left in the dirt to fend for ourselves, so to speak. We have been led to believe that we do not matter. We have been told that our beauty isn’t up to par. We have been secluded from the way society represents all things that are beautiful. One would think that it's a crime for a woman of color to embrace who she is as a person and overall as a community. This is a community that strengthens the core of its sisters. This is a community that exemplifies the definition of what a Queen is. This is a community who speaks with pride and courage. Black women are full of power, which can unintentionally intimidate people.

It’s such a liberating time for women of color. We are crushing the barriers that have been put against us. We are stepping out of our comfort zone in hopes to help others recognize that they too can do the same. We are allowing ourselves to become comfortable in our own skin, in everything from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. We are magnificent beings who deserve the best in every way possible. This bond between our sisters is one that can't be easily scorned. This is a bond that is shaping the way for many generations to come. This bond is one that speaks of greater heights, without the need to apologize for our actions.

Communities of black women are leaving their mark on the world whether people like it or not. We are taking back everything that was created to destroy our dignity. This is the beginning of a world that can't be stopped. This is the beginning of a movement that will be remembered. This is the beginning of a journey that will be continued long after we are gone. This is the start of a revolutionary change that will enlighten the minds of everyone who comes into contact. This is the start of a revolutionary change that will impact women of color and beyond.

Photo: Travis Matthews