At 41 years old, actress Crystal Renee Hayslett’s career is on fire right now. Hayslett stars in two Tyler Perry-produced shows, “Sistas” and “Zatima.” In addition, she sings, hosts her own podcast and is a founding co-owner of the DC Power Football Club, a newly formed women’s soccer team. With all of these power moves that keep her on the go, and Hayslett admits that her love life has taken a backseat to it. 

“My love life right now is non-existent,” Hayslett told 21Ninety. “I feel like I am in a space where my career is taking the forefront of everything in my life right now. Even my mental and physical health, to a fault, because I’ve just been so busy. I’m really trying to balance it all.”

Despite focusing on her career, Hayslett is still a hopeless romantic who is waiting for the right one. 

“I do want to be married one day,” she said. “I’m not being so hard on myself about that timeline. I’m just letting God do His thing.”

She’s proof that you can still be happy while looking for love and dating after crossing over into the 40 club. 

Hayslett on Meeting Men

As a celebrity, it’s probably harder to weed out who’s genuinely interested in you from those who are latching on because of your status. A few years ago, Hayslett decided to try finding a potential guy on a dating app that requires a vetting process before joining. 

“I was probably on it for a week and was like, ‘this ain’t for me,’” Hayslett said. 

These days, she prefers less of a surprise and a lot more organic interactions with men, like referrals from friends.

“I like to meet people that my friends know [and] can vouch for, and I don’t do blind dates,” Hayslett said. “I need to see what you look like. Show me the Instagram.”

The Qualities

Hayslett is firm about her faith in God, so the man in her life must be as well. He should also exude confidence.

“I want someone that is so secure in who he is and what he is doing in his life and feels like a man,” Hayslett said. “A lot of times if a man doesn’t feel like a man, they feel inadequate, and it spills over into the relationship and it just never works.” 

Other qualities she looks for in a man are honesty, ability to have fun, physical and mental wellness, loves to travel and kind. She also acknowledges that she has to offer desirable qualities a man would want.

“I would want to be a God-fearing woman,” she explained to 21Ninety. “A woman who is a go-getter. I make sure that I take care of my temple. I want him to see that I can make a house into a home. I’m also bringing something to the table.”

Remaining Hopeful

Hayslett says if she could give advice to other women who are still single and haven’t had children at 40, she would encourage them not to rush life.

“Enjoy life,” she advises. “Enjoy doing the things that you love. When the time is right, that person will come along. Most of the time it’s when you least expect it.”

She also suggests making yourself available to love, which is something she admits she needs to work on herself.

“What we have to do is put ourselves into position, because a lot of times I don’t leave the house,” Hayslett said. “I’m not going to be seen if I don’t leave the house.”

For her own encouragement while she waits, Hayslett reminds herself to continue to be patient and make the most of every single day.