Everyone wants happy, smooth and glowing skin but not everyone knows how to achieve this! Truthfully, I was one of those persons who didn't know how to achieve this unless I went to an aesthetician and received a facial. However, TikTok put your girl onto game! Just search the #guasha hashtag on most social media platforms to see exactly what I'm talking about. 

Lo and behold the beauty tool gua sha can do all that and more in the comfort of your home! Not only does the beauty tool enhance circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and inflammation but it also delivers definition to your jawline. 

After a couple uses of this bad boy your face will appear more "sculpted" and that's why the girls love it! As we grow older its natural for our features to age and gravity doesn't help, resulting in a less defined jawline. But have no fears the gua sha is here! Let's get into more specific details of this beauty tool!


A Gua Sha is a flat tool, made of semi-precious stone, that is used to massage the face. The tool has been around for a very LONG time now and is actually a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, so it's been used for centuries in practices like acupuncture. Gua means to stroke or press, and Sha refers to redness. It's a scraping technique to move around energy, improve circulation and help your body rid itself of toxins. When used on the face, you can reap all those benefits plus a snatched jaw line, defined cheekbones and depuffed eyes.


It's an ancient practice for a modern world and it's a relatively simple process that anyone can do. First, cleanse hands, tool and your face. Next, if you use toner, apply it after cleansing. Then, place a generous amount of face oil to your face, neck, and chest. Oil will help the tool glide more easily, but if you prefer a cream or water-based lotion that is totally fine! Now, you can begin your actual gua sha practice. Holding the tool at a 30 to 45-degree angle, very gently pull/scrape it across your skin. As a rule, all movements should be upward and follow lymphatic flow. Repeat each movement three to five times before moving onto the next area of your skin. Last, you can massage the remaining product into your skin with your hands, or you can wipe away any residual oil or cream with a damp cloth. Afterward, complete your go-to skincare routine.


Simply put, NO it does not hurt! I know reading that gua sha involves “scraping,” might be a turn off however, it's gentle and smooth. The intensity can build depending on the types of knots that you encounter. After a gua sha treatment the skin may exhibit red, yellowish-brown or purple markings that look like bruising. However, these markings are a good and healthy thing – it’s a sign that the body is getting rid of toxins.


The tool depends on you! You can go simple with a small wooden spoon or you can get a gemstone gua sha tool. Whatever you choose, just be sure to keep it clean and in good condition. If it chips or breaks, which it shouldn’t do but it can, you’ll want to stop using it. Also some tools can be cleaned in boiling water or with a watered-down bleach solution.

Now that you understand how this beauty tool can better your skincare routine go and be beautiful!