Transgender rights and the fight against discrimination have become a mainstream issue. Advocates point out that there seem to be new laws and restrictions popping up daily targeting the trans community. One Texas center is looking to help provide protection and a place to thrive. Dallas’ House of Rebirth truly wants to be a place of refuge.

About The House of Rebirth

The House of Rebirth is a safe haven for transgender women in the Dallas area. According to home’s website, the resource center has been providing culturally competent community, housing, case management, HIV prevention and life-saving resources to hundreds of Black Trans Women since 2019.

The home’s founders started the House of Rebirth after the deaths of Muhlaysia Booker and Chynal Lindsey. The two were Black transgender women who were killed in Dallas less than a month apart. One of the founders, Robyn “Pocahontas” Crowe considered Booker as a granddaughter to her although they were not related.

“House of Rebirth is a network of communities, families, and friends, bridging barriers to access alongside Black transgender women and femmes,” the site reads. “We work to build the safety and self-determination of Black trans communities through advocacy, housing, resource navigation, and intercommunal programs.”

The site continues, “we accomplish this work through a coalition of allies, advocates, organizations, donors, and community members who extend time, expertise, and access. We welcome opportunities to strengthen these networks of support.”

In just four years, The House Of Rebirth has assisted over 200 women on their journeys. In an interview with The Dallas Morning News, Crowe shared how important it was to create this.

“The vision was to play a big part,” she recalled. “The most important thing was to create a safe habitat for trans women to go and feel safe and not have to deal with stigma.”