Want to know the easiest way to have a great date? Just eat one! Dates (the fruit) are both great tasting and good for you. 

“Dates offer several health benefits, including being high in nutrients, rich in antioxidants, good for digestion, and providing a quick source of energy,” certified personal trainer and registered dietician nutritionist, Mary Sabat MS, RDN, LD, ACE CPT told 21Ninety. Fun fact: dates have natural sugars that’ll give you a healthy energy boost.

The registered dietitian explained that the antioxidants in dates can help reduce inflammation, too. She also noted that “dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, copper, and vitamins B6 and K.”

Reproductive health benefits of dates

Sabat explained that some studies show a link between dates and breast and uterine health.

“Some studies suggest that consuming dates in the weeks leading up to labor may help prepare the uterus for childbirth,” the nutritionist added. “Dates contain antioxidants that may help protect against breast cancer… [and] help alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and night sweats.”

With so many benefits packed in a small package, Sabat made it clear to not go overboard with how many dates you eat.

“It’s important to consume dates in moderation,” the certified personal trainer mentioned.

Ahead browse through dates that will help fill your nutritional cup. 

Chocolate romance

Photo Courtesy of Thrive Market

Love chocolate covered strawberries? Then try the Chocolate Covered Date Nibbles by Joolies. In this four-ounce bag, organic dates are covered in dark chocolate, oat flour, and sea salt. This certified vegan and kosher snack is also packed with three grams of fiber and one gram of protein per serving. Enjoy the delectable treat on its own or on top of your next smoothie bowl.

A simple date

Photo Courtesy of That's It

Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple. And, the Apple and Date fruit bars by That’s It do just that. Each bar, in the box of 12, contains four dates and one apple, which is a two whole servings of fruit. Best of all, with a two-part ingredient list, you know exactly what you’re getting into. Plus, these bars are certified paleo and OU kosher.

The group date

While one-on-one dates are great, group dates are just as fun. Good and Gather grouped the nutritious date with cashews, chocolate chips, and sea salt into its Date and Nut Bars. The vegan gluten-free mini bars come in a pack of ten. Keep these snacks in your bag so you can share a date with your next date.

The power couple

Natural Delights Coconut Mini Medjools Dates are the power couple of the snacks. There’s only dates covered in coconut shreds in one six-ounce bag. With the naturally sweet duo, it’s no wonder why there’s no added sugar in this snack. Nibble on these dates whenever you’re looking for a naturally sweet snack with a tantalizing texture profile.

The main date

While dates are great when paired with other all-star ingredients, there are times when you just want a date without the extras. These dates are pit-free. That way you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re going to accidentally chomp down on a solid center. Just grab as many dates as you want from this nine-ounce bag and enjoy.

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