Growing up in a superstitious home teaches a few things about how the world views some of life’s little moments. The experience can also put you on edge about what you should or shouldn’t be doing when dating. There are several widely known dating superstitions, but also a few lowkey superstitions that add extra layers of mystery to the journey of love. Here are some lesser-known dating superstitions that might spice up your romantic life or warn you about relationship woes to avoid.

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The Lucky Number 7

Most people are familiar with lucky number7 and its meaning. Did you know it holds true when dating, too? Some believe scheduling a date on the 7th of the month can bring good fortune to the relationship. Whether it’s the seventh day of the week or the seventh month, incorporating this numeric good luck charm might add a pinch of magic to your love life.

Don’t Get Swept!

Another lesser-known superstition is the warning against getting your feet swept by a broom. According to this belief, if someone sweeps your feet with a broom, you risk never getting “swept off your feet” romantically. The superstition suggests having your feet swept symbolically sweeps away potential love. So, be cautious when cleaning!

Salt Over the Shoulder

Throwing a pinch of salt over your left shoulder to ward off bad luck is a well-known superstition, but did you know it has a romantic twist? Some believe sprinkling a pinch of salt on your date’s side of the table during dinner can ward off negativity surrounding the relationship. While it’s essential to be discreet, this simple gesture may subtly lead to your “happily ever after.”

Stargazing for Compatibility

Lets add a celestial twist to our dating superstitions; consider incorporating stargazing into your romantic repertoire. Some believe the alignment of the stars on your first date provides insights into the relationships compatability. Plan a picnic under the stars and explore the cosmic connection between you and your partner. Whether you’re astrology enthusiasts or simply appreciate the beauty of the night sky, stargazing can add a touch of wonder to your romance.

The Shoe Conundrum

Have you heard that buying a man a pair of shoes will lead to him walking out on you? This superstition suggests when you gift your partner shoes, they may use them to walk away from the relationship. While the origins of this belief remain mysterious, it adds a unique element of caution to the art of gift-giving in relationships.

Superstitions Can Lend a Helping Hand

As you navigate the complexities of dating, don’t be afraid to embrace the enchanting world of superstitions. These lesser-known dating superstitions can infuse your romantic journey with mystery and excitement. The next time you plan a date, consider following a couple superstitions to make it an unforgettable experience. After all, a touch of magic can go a long way in the game of love.