At some point in a person’s mid-twenties, the chances are high for experiencing a quarter-life crisis.

A quarter-life crisis is when a young adult experiences waves of anxiety and self-doubt as a result of life’s current circumstances. The mid-twenties are a pivotal and crucial time for many young people learning to navigate adulthood. It can be an overwhelming transition due to the sudden changes happening simultaneously. Graduating college, starting a new job or moving to a new city are significant, intense changes. On the other hand, other people are in relationships, starting families and possibly moving back in with their parents. 

Regardless of life’s twists and turns, the increased responsibilities and uncertainties make people question their purpose and identity.

How To Know If You’re Having A Quarter-Life Crisis?

One thing about having a quarter-life crisis is understanding that it manifests differently for each person. One of the most common ways a quarter-life crisis manifests is when people start questioning their identity. 

Up until graduating college, many people’s lives were determined for them. Most people’s lives have been curated, from moving on to the next grade to joining school clubs or solidifying a friend group. Life beyond college is the early beginnings of a person figuring out who they are without external input.

The newfound freedom to show up in this world in your truest form can be challenging because many people don’t know who they are. As a result, self-doubt can trickle in, making a person feel unsure about their beliefs, value systems and thought patterns.

What To Do To Cope?

Taking time to self-reflect is one way to help you come to terms with the person you’re becoming. Self-reflection is a tool that helps you decipher your beliefs and values from those that people gave to you. Journaling, practicing mindfulness and spending time alone are ways that aid in figuring out what truly matters.

Another method to consider is refraining from comparing yourself to your peers. With social media, it’s easy to see other’s accomplishments. However, it’s important to remember that people tend to only show the highlights of their lives instead of the challenges it took to get there. Understanding that each person has a different journey and timeline can help you navigate your quarter-life crisis.