The job hunt can be exhausting and requires a lot of time and energy. When you’re grappling with a scarcity mindset, it can be even harder to stay afloat. A scarcity mindset professionally translates to thinking there isn’t enough to go around. It’s a zero-sum mentality that if others get more, you will have less. 

A scarcity mindset will make you feel sad when you see LinkedIn posts with job offer celebrations. You might think you failed an interview before you’ve even tried. When your friend hosts a job reveal party, you might feel as if their success means there are less chances for you to succeed. After spending weeks scouring job boards, it can start to feel like there are slim pickings.

It’s time to reframe your mindset and swap that scarcity mentality for an abundant one. Here’s what a scarcity mindset looks like in your job search and how to challenge that negative thinking.

Fear of a Lack of Job Openings

One way a scarcity mentality might show up on the job search is a fear of a lack of jobs. A scar­city mentality is based on false assumptions and evalua­tions. One way to counter this is by remaining curious and asking questions about your industry, potential employer or desired role.

You can reach out to a leader in your industry or someone whose work you admire, and ask to set up an informational interview to learn more. This way you dispel any lies about whether there are job opportunities on the horizon.

Fear of a Lack of Opportunities For Growth

A scarcity mindset believes there simply are not enough opportunities to go around. Someone else’s job success might be a blow to your confidence and might signal to you that less opportunities are available. Instead of competition propelling you forward, a person with a scarcity mindset will allow competition to shrink their viewpoint.

An abundant mindset chooses to believe that there are ample opportunities available. To switch to an abundant mindset, choose to focus on possibilities. Look for chances to collaborate, learn from others, and seek out ways to grow and build your skillset.

Fear of a Lack of Resources

A scarcity mindset also believes there are limited resources. To counter this mindset, embrace a positive and proactive outlook. Take forward action by looking for more resources, such as job opportunities that offer higher pay. During job interviews, ask for what you are worth.