As we continue to navigate the uncertainty of an ongoing pandemic, stress, worry, and anxiety are just a few ways our body responds to our external environment and circumstances. But let’s not let stress and worry win this new year! Hopefully, these eight daily self-care rituals can help you cope through these difficult times. 


Mediation is a huge precursor to balancing your emotions and can help you limit stress by a landslide. Whether you decide to meditate for 10 minutes or even an hour, incorporating this daily ritual will put you on a path to success and will help you navigate any challenging time you come to face. 

Positive affirmations 

Positive affirmations are extremely beneficial when it comes to reconditioning your mind from limiting thoughts, patterns, and beliefs. Through these uncertain times, positive affirmations are a great way to set daily intentions as well as helping to resurface your thoughts more positively. 

Nature walks/hikes 

Taking a walk through nature is a great way to help balance your emotions while giving you an outlet to express any suppressed feelings through physical activity. If you choose to take a walk or a nature hike, be sure to include any form of spiritual smoking agents such as sage or palo santo. Doing so will help increase your spiritual energy and stamina to help you dominate the rest of the day. 

Take an Epson salt bath 

Epson salt is a great way to cleanse the body of any unwanted energies you may be carrying while giving you some much-needed time to decompress and release. Taking a salt bath is said to help increase focus, help you sleep better, and releases and stress/tension that may be stored in the body. 

Mindful journaling 

Mindful journaling can be giving gratitude to all that you have in life currently while allowing you to create space for your emotions to be expressed in a healthy way. Mindful journaling is a great way to release baggage and can also help you plant the seeds for any new resolutions or goals you want to focus on creating within your routine. 


Yoga is a relaxing form of physical activity that can help put you back in the right mindset, while serving as a form of daily self-care to help your feminine energy. 

Crystal Healing 

Crystal healing is a form of energy healing where crystals are used in ways to release unwanted blockages and energies that may be imbalanced. Crystal healing can be done any time of day and can significantly help you tap into your divine spiritual energy in no time. 


Now that we’re embarking on new stay-at-home techniques to help curb the pandemic, there’s a bit more time for us to prioritize the things that fulfill our needs and help give back in healthy ways that are good for the mind and body. Reading at least once a day is a great way to help you exercise your mind and expand your knowledge in positive ways.