DeMeco Ryans has had an incredibly prolific run in the NFL, having committed himself fully to the game of football since his early days playing at the University of Alabama. Given the success the NFL head coach has seen in his nearly two decades of professional sport, it’s almost hard to believe he’s had enough time and energy left over to start a family.

Regardless, he and his wife Jamila Ryans have been married for over 10 years, and currently manage a beautiful home with three children. Here’s a look at the relationship and history of the married couple, and Jamila’s contribution to the success and wellbeing of DeMeco Ryans’ career.

Jamila Has Been With DeMeco Since Early In His NFL Career 

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DeMeco Ryans first signed with the NFL as a linebacker for the Houston Texans in 2006, after being chosen 33rd overall in the draft. His foray into the professional league started off with a bang, as Ryans was named Defensive Rookie of the Year after his very first season. Likewise, his hard work and luck continued to pay off the following year, as he took his talents to the Pro Bowl. While details are scant about exactly when DeMeco Ryans first met Jamila, sources indicate that the pair initially crossed paths during his tenure as a linebacker for the Texans. There seems to be no reliable information confirming how the pair met, though Jamila is a Houston native, who has worked in the nursing industry throughout her life. 

After the pair began their romance, Ryans was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, where he continued to serve as a record-shattering linebacker, leading the team in tackles. During his time on the Eagles, DeMeco and Jamila got married, in an extravagant ceremony at The Bell Tower on 34th in Houston, Texas. The lovely couple tied the knot on June 29, 2013, with hundreds of guests in attendance, including a number of Ryans’ NFL peers. 

Jamila Stuck By Her Husband In Hard Times 

Unfortunately, DeMeco Ryans’ career was abruptly halted after the esteemed player suffered a torn achilles tendon in November of 2014. The injury resulted in Ryans sitting out the remainder of the season, and ultimately ended his illustrious career on the field. According to a 2016 lawsuit filed by Ryans against the NFL, the injury was due to the playing surface at NRG Stadium, with the suit alleging the injury “prematurely ended his noteworthy NFL career” and claiming “In reasonable probability, [Ryans could have] remained in the league for another five years.” Despite this significant hardship, Jamila stuck by Ryans through his healing process and career pivot into a coaching role. 

Like many coaches, DeMeco Ryans tends to keep his family out of the spotlight, and often refuses to publicize his life away from the field. Jamila Ryans is not active on any social media platforms, and tends to share very little information about herself with the world at large. Still, there are a few details about the Ryans family that the public is aware of, including the names of their three children, who are each under 10 years old. DeMeco and Jamila share two boys, Micah and MJ, and one daughter named Xia. 

The Couple Work Closely Together 

After growing up in Houston with two brothers named Jason and Jonathan, Jamila chose to pursue nursing as a vocation, and now works as a nonprofit director for the DeMeco Ryans Foundation. The charitable foundation seeks to support local youth by creating educational and recreational outreach programs, and is headquartered in Missouri City, Texas. 

DeMeco Ryans first signed on as a defensive quality control coach by the San Francisco 49ers, before rapidly being promoted to inside linebackers coach. Since then, his career leading NFL teams to victory behind the scenes has been as notable as his many on-field achievements. In a blessed turn of events for the Ryan family, DeMeco was hired to be the new head coach of the Houston Texans in January 2023. His wife Jamila was surely ecstatic to bring their loving home back to where it all began, taking the professional baller back to his NFL roots. 

What Does The Future Hold For The Ryans’? 

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Ryans rapidly made a splash with the Texans, taking the team 10-5 in their final 15 games of the season, which included the teams’ first playoff win since 2019. DeMeco Ryans is poised to remain on contract with the Texans for the next several years at least, offering him and his family an opportunity to settle into a forever home in the Lonestar state. While very little is known about the NFL coach and his wife, sources seem to indicate that DeMeco and Jamila Ryans maintain a very happy and healthy marriage.