On the heels of Brittney Griner’s arrest, many speculations have been swirling online about her release. Recently, five-time NBA player Dennis Rodman said that he wanted to help secure the release of Griner, but can he?

The Details

Earlier this month, Griner was convicted of drug possession, and as a result, was sentenced to nine years in prison. After Russian authorities found vape canisters containing cannabis in Griner’s luggage earlier this year, she was detained and has been in Russian custody ever since. Although there have been occasional outpouring of support for the WNBA star, there have also been conversations around why everyone has failed Griner and why she should have been released by now.

Rodman’s Track Record

Rodman is no stranger to meeting with rulers of other nations. In 2018, the NBA baller took a heavily documented trip to Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who is rumored to have grown a friendship with Rodman over the years. Although social media has been buzzing ever since Rodman announced that he wanted to lend a helping hand to Griner, it seems as though that will not be happening any time soon.

State Department Caution

In a press briefing with ABC News, Ned Price, a State Department representative told the outlet that if Rodman decided to travel to Russia, he would not be traveling as a representative U.S. government.

“We believe that anything other than negotiating further through the established channel is likely to complicate and hinder those release efforts,” said Price.

Although Rodman seems to have been interested in foreign policy and diplomacy, we may never know whether he truly would have been able to release Griner. In what seems like a detraction from his initial statement, Rodman told ABC News that he did not currently have any plans to go to Russia. Amid the high tensions in Russia, it is difficult to say when Griner will be home, or what time frame it will take the U.S government to wrap up negotiations with Russia for the release to happen, but in the meantime, the world is anxiously waiting.

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