Understanding your undertone is like unlocking the secret to enhancing your natural beauty. While the beauty world often makes it seem like finding it is a complex task, it’s much simpler than you might think.

Undertones are the subtle hues beneath the surface of your skin that influence how colors appear on you. Identifying your undertone is incredibly useful in making style and beauty choices that perfectly complement your unique features.

How to Find Your Undertone

One of the easiest ways to determine it is by looking at the veins on your wrist. If they appear more blue, you likely have a cool undertone. If they lean towards green, you’re probably more on the warm side. Neutral undertones might show a mix of both.

Another way to identify what your undertone is is by holding up a piece of white and beige fabric next to your face in natural light. If white enhances your features, you likely are cool; however, if beige is more flattering, than you are warm. If both work well, you may identify as neutral.

The last test requires noticing how your skin reacts to the sun. You might fall under the cool category, if you burn easily and struggle to tan. If you tan easily and rarely burn, you’re likely warm. If you are somewhere in the middle, you may find yourself in the neutral category.

Determine Flattering Clothing Colors

Once you’ve identified it, shopping for clothes becomes a breeze. It also helps you choose clothing that enhances your natural beauty. Warm undertones pop in earthy colors, like brown, orange and yellow. Cool undertones shine in blue, purple and green.

Perfecting Your Makeup

Undertones play a prominent role in picking the perfect foundation. Warmer tones can use golden or yellow-based foundations, while cooler tones look best with pink or blue-based options. It also guides you in choosing the right blush and lipstick shades. Warmer tones gravitate towards peaches and corals, while cooler tones shine in pinks and berries.

Choosing the Right Jewelry

Your undertone influences whether gold or silver jewelry complements you better. By understanding this, you can effortlessly accessorize and elevate your style.

Picking the Perfect Hair Color

If you’re thinking of experimenting with hair color, understanding your undertone is helpful. It can assist you in creating a harmonious look. Warmer tones can wear shades of caramel and bronze, golden blondes and rich browns. In comparison, cooler tones can wear ashy tones, platinum hues and cool blondes.