If you love to look good and smell even better, then perfume is a great tool to have in your arsenal. As some of us know, certain perfumes have stronger formulas than others. Depending on your style, you may like your perfume a tad bit stronger, with a long-wearing edge to it. We’ve got you covered, read on.

Libre Eau De Parfum Intense

This delicious scent by Yves Saint Laurent is the ultimate luxury item. The scent is perfect for the summer and has an intense scent that is both sweet and powerful without being obnoxious. The theme behind the perfume is freedom and liberation, hence the word “libre.” The perfume has beautiful notes of orchid, lavender, and warm vanilla.

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Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar

This scent is both sensual and captivating. Boasting captivating pear nectar, the scent of this Clean Reserve fan-favorite is one for the books. The scent is undeniably beautiful and lingers on the clothing and skin hours after the first application. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one.

Love, Don’t Be Shy

We all went into a frenzy when it was alleged that this was Rihanna’s go-to perfume. Love, Don’t Be Shy is the ultimate ode to warm florals. This genderless scent is incredibly empowering. The high notes of vanilla, orange and luscious marshmallow make this fragrance irresistible.



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The Only One Eau de Parfum

This Dolce and Gabbana product is a perfect fit for anyone who loves a slightly serious and sophisticated scent. The Only One is a perfume that exudes confidence, self-reliance, and undeniable femininity. This should be your go-to if you like warm, sweet, and spicy scents working together.

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Ameline Eau de Parfum

Phlur, as a brand, knows how to create mind-blowing scents. The Ameline perfume is an incredible scent that emphasizes Rose, Italian Bergamot, and Sandalwood, making the scent irresistible. Additionally, fragrances from PHLUR are created to be healthier for skin and the environment.



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