A few months ago, I heard my pastor give a sermon titled, "don’t lose your song." If you have ever hummed a tune or sung a few notes off of the page, then you know that it is hard to lose the little melody in your head. This rhythmic balance is the equivalent to that inkling in the back of your mind gently reminding you that something important is there. Or even when that catchy song is playing on repeat, we often find ourselves singing it unconsciously. 

Of course, my pastor didn’t just mean the song that creeps upon you in your spirit but perhaps he also means your momentum, your hope… yourself.

In what felt like a second, I suddenly didn’t want my life to revolve around curating the perfect feed or taking the most aesthetically pleasing pictures. In the same second it took for me to find that song within myself, it became very apparent that everything around me is all temporary. No matter how visually appealing or pleasing to the eye it may be, it is all a twinkle of moment that could be gone in an instant. And to think I — a creative, a photographer, someone who sees the vision in everything — knew it.

In this same moment, I concluded the same things about feelings and how my perceptions of others could only mean so much and in retrospect, I needed to treat outside opinions the same. This moment was huge for me because my entire life, I depended on the advice and affirmations of others to make or break my spirit. Even as a little girl there was a moment that I was coached into believing that other people's opinions mattered before my own. After that sixth grade moment, I had no clue how to shake it… until this past spring.

The spring time often has a way of revealing itself to you, as if wanting to bloom with the flowers inspires some of us to reveal our best selves. But what about those seasons after that? Like the summer? The season where the sun kisses your skin to its golden hue, and your soul is in harmony with the cadence of your stride? The season where we dedicate our time to officially living our best lives. The season where we discover the inner song that becomes our soundtrack.

One thing about seasons is that it is up to you how to live them! While some are more revealing than others, each of them requires something special where we learn more about ourselves. 

My pastor finished his sermon by reminding us that songs have a much higher impact on our spirits and souls than a word here on earth. When you find your song, you must not ignore it, but embrace it to get you through that tough trial. 

So, if you are that girl turned woman who has ever fought with herself to keep up her momentum, you are never alone. Everyday there are hundreds of thousands of women who may second guess what they know to be true, until they begin to sing.

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