Accessorizing holds significant importance, especially for Black women. The trend of dramatic or oversized earrings feels like a natural extension of pre-established styles. Whether it’s bamboo earrings or traditional African Andrika designs, big dramatic earrings have been a part of the repertoire for centuries.

Today, on platforms like TikTok, there’s an evolution in earring aesthetics, with designs inspired by everyday objects, fruits and flowers. Currently, one of the most prominent trends is the Bottega earrings and their resin Lily Flower counterparts, sparking discussions about the place of costume jewelry within luxury circles.

Why Should You Wear Bold Earrings?

Now more than ever, there’s a resurgence of fun in fashion, whether that’s due to the revival of Y2K trends or the decline of minimalism. People have moved away from quiet luxury and soft styles, embracing boldness in a manner that extends beyond belts as the main accessory. Fashion has regained its playful edge, and bold earrings are at the forefront.

Best Bamboo Earrings

Barzel 18k Gold Plated Earrings

Bamboo earrings are truly the bread and butter. They not only look good with every outfit, but also have the versatility to be dressed up or down. Although they’ve faced mockery in the past, they remain the bold earring staple of today.

Best Earring Cuffs

Irregular Petal Earrings

It’s one thing to accessorize the ear with multiple piercings, but you can also skip the painful piercing appointment and opt for a loud, bold and feminine ear cuff. This newest earring trend seen all over TikTok and Pinterest is one that incorporates flower petals, like lilies and orchids, and dips them in resin.

Best Dangling

ULT GAIA Calla Drop Earrings

The flower earring trend is dominating the accessory industry, and it’s hard not to notice them. Most of these earrings are large, sturdy, and take up the full space of the ear. However, some people might prefer something a little more classic, yet still extra. These dangle earrings can be dressed up for events, making them the perfect go-to accessory.

Best Dupe

Bottega Earrings Dupe

This earring must be the most talked-about piece in earring history, or at least on TikTok. The Bottega Veneta drop earrings sparked a significant conversation about luxury costume jewelry and its true worth. If you can get something that looks real for half the price then why not indulge?

Best Boho Chic

FILMOON Big Gold Seashell Earrings

Another major trend this summer is Boho chic. Shelled accessories, such as seashell necklaces and puka shell waist beads, are now complemented by earrings that embody the same aesthetic. Whether sourced from the sea or dipped in gold to resemble it, this earring trend is perfect for the summer.

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