Oh the weather outside is frightful and the time off from our usual amount of responsibilities is so delightful…honestly, truly. 2021 has had its fair share of hurdles and, hopefully, you’ve been able to clear them. As we near the end of a global pandemic, it seems that we all have a little more of a positive expectation for the year ahead. Many people were left shaken up after 2020 and there were a lot less declarations of “this is my year” than usual this past January. However, it seems that with a little renewed faith, we are ready to see what we can bring to life in 2022. From vision boards to manifestation parties, the end of this year will be a time for making a list and checking it twice to be sure that everything you want to achieve in the next 365 days sees the light of day. But, before you march forward with your hopes and dreams in hand, here are some things to consider. 

Are these goals that you can control?

A lot of times we put the onus of our biggest dreams on others—meaning that we often have goals that require other people to give us the green light. When this is the case, we can often come against roadblocks because, of course, we cannot control whether or not someone else believes in our dreams the way we do. The better choice is to write down actionable items that are completely reliant upon you. 

Are these goals that are in alignment with your purpose?

When we start to write down what we want, we can sometimes be led to hope for things that we think we should be attaining rather than things that truly serve our purpose. Regardless of your age or gender, society should not dictate what you truly desire for your life. Before you start wishing for that ideal partner or children or home, make sure that you have truly assessed whether those are things you actually want or just things you’ve been told you should have by now. This will help you run in the direction that best serves you. 

Are you aiming too low?

Sometimes life can be full of disappointments and when we come out on the other side, we can be a bit disheartened. The setbacks can make us afraid to step out and dream big again so we start to make goals that feel a little more safe. We think that this will mitigate any potential failure and keep us from feeling the nagging pain of disappointment. This year, dare to dream big again. There is nothing to hard for a woman who has the courage to go after her wildest fantasies…don’t shrink, sis. 

Are you focusing too much on the “how?”

Making goals should be a time to really push the limits of your belief in yourself and whatever higher power you subscribe to. This is not the time to stay grounded in the reality of what worked before or what you’ve seen work or not work for others. The “how” will be figured out along the way. For now, stay in the what and visualize yourself reaching it, enjoying it and using it to move closer to your ideal life. 

Are you leaving room for miracles?

When we’re busy planning our futures we can forget to leave room for the beauty of unexpected miracles. There are so many things we never think to ask for and find ourselves in possession of them anyway. This year…leave an empty space on your vision board for all the things that will come your way that you never saw coming.