When it comes to the job hunt, it’s key to stand out from the crowd. A craft networking message on LinkedIn could help with getting your name directly to recruiters and hiring managers.

There’s an art to crafting an effective message to connect with a hiring manager. Here are a few tips to craft an effective networking message. 

Keep it Simple and Professional

Introduce yourself by stating your name, title and your reason for reaching out. This information qualifies the reason for your message. Keep the tone of your message respectful and cordial.

Make Your Request Clear and Concise

The shorter your message, the better. The platform is designed for short, purposeful interactions. Don’t beat around the bush about what you are asking for – whether you are looking for a job opportunity, a story source or an informational interview. Being direct will help get your feet in the door.

Express Shared Interest

If you are reaching out to someone within your network, highlight this shared experience or interest in your message. This small note will help build a bridge and spark authentic connection. 

Compliment Their Work

Show interest and admiration for the work they have done. This will take a little effort and research. Read some of the person’s work or look at their previous roles before reaching out to them. Take the time to learn more about their latest work. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts or ask questions. 

Focus on the Other Person

While it’s acceptable to share about yourself, it’s important not to center yourself in the conversation. Don’t talk all about yourself or be self-serving. Be sure to focus on the person you are networking with, their accomplishments and their expertise. Their knowledge or level of success is the reason behind why you are reaching out.