Navigating a friend’s pregnancy can be both exhilarating and challenging, particularly if you’re uncertain about how to emotionally support your friend during this significant life transition.

Many friends of expecting mothers have not gone through this experience themself. However, it’s important to be a source of peace for their friend during this time. New or expecting moms often feel isolated during this period. Pregnancy not only brings on an emotional rollercoaster, but also can leave expecting mothers feeling out of place. They may feel like their lifestyle no longer aligns with their previous activities.

Here are some ways to emotionally support your friend who’s expecting.

Vocalize and Validate

It’s crucial to genuinely express your excitement and joy for your friend’s pregnancy. Let her know that you’re fully invested in supporting her emotionally throughout this journey. Vocalizing your enthusiasm alleviates any potential overthinking she may have about external opinions on this life change. It also validates how you intend to emotionally support her. Offering a listening ear and a comforting presence can make a world of difference, as she navigates the highs and lows of pregnancy.

Expect the Emotions

Be attuned to her emotional state and validate her feelings. Pregnancy can evoke a whirlwind of emotions, including joy, anxiety, fear and uncertainty. Encourage open and honest communication, reassuring her that it’s perfectly acceptable to express any concerns or fears she may have. While you may not be equipped to handle every emotional challenge she faces, being a reliable support system is invaluable.

Take the Burden Off of Her

Assist her in easing the physical burdens that come with pregnancy. Whether it’s lending a hand with household chores or simply checking in regularly to see how she’s coping, demonstrating your willingness to provide practical support fosters a sense of community.

It’s equally important to respect her need for solitude if she opts for more alone time than usual. This is a special time for her, as she bonds with her unborn child and adjusts to her bodies changes. Every pregnancy journey is unique. Respecting her preferences regarding sharing her pregnancy with others and offering unsolicited advice is essential.

Be Excited for Her

Celebrate significant milestones and special moments throughout her pregnancy journey. Whether it’s organizing a baby shower, participating in a gender reveal party or sharing quiet moments together, make an effort to acknowledge and commemorate these events.

Above all, continue to be a source of love, encouragement, and positivity for your friend. Your unwavering support during this transformative period will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact and strengthen your bond for years to come.