Garcelle Beauvais captured audiences when she burst on television screens in her role as Fancy on ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ in 1996. Years later, PEOPLE would name the actor and former model one of fifty “most beautiful” figures. Today, Beauvais is capturing audiences not only as a reality television star, a former co-host on talk television, and a best-selling author but also as a home décor expert and fragrance connoisseur.

The 55-year-old mother of three recently teamed up with Febreze to spotlight an often overlooked facet of interior design: scent. “When styling a room, we focus primarily on visual aesthetics, while smell is often overlooked. But interior designers know the power that smell can have in a home – there’s a reason realtors use smells as a finishing touch!” says Beauvais. “To help create the ambiance I’m looking for, Febreze AIR is a must-have. Just a few sprays fight those bad odors and leave the luxurious, fresh scents I want behind.” Beauvais wants everyone to know that “home cohesion doesn’t stop with the eyes.” She believes scent styling is the key to loving “what you see and smell throughout your home.”

21Ninety sat down for an exclusive interview with Beauvais who shared the meaning behind scent styling, her favorite Febreze products for every room of her home, and some exclusive design tips for the fall season. Beauvais also shared whether fans should be on the lookout for her possible return to talk television.

Jadriena Solomon: For the month of September, you teamed up with Febreze to introduce Scent Styling, a fresh design concept that “involves choosing and arranging the best scent varieties to curate the perfect atmosphere for every room’s specific needs, décor, and odors.” Before we delve into your partnership with Febreze and talk more about scent styling, can you tell us what inspired your love for home décor and design?

Garcelle Beauvais: It’s been in me forever — I’ve been obsessed with interior design and home decor. I just love putting things together and for me, not everything needs to be high-end. I love to shop at Home Goods. I love to go to Target. I feel like your home is an expression of you, so have fun with it.

When Febreze came to me with this collaboration, I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s a no-brainer.’ I already have Febreze in my cabinets, under my sink, everywhere. It made sense. And what I really loved is the idea of scent styling, because I think when we are thinking of home design, we think of the furniture, the colors, and the rugs, but we don’t think about scent. And scent styling makes so much sense because when people come into your home, you want them to sort of see it all, but also feel and smell. And I think a smell can really make you feel at home. A smell can make you remember memories or just relax. And that’s what I loved about the whole idea of scent styling. I think it’s so clever.

JS: Yes, scent can have such a profound impact on the experience of a home. I didn’t realize that until I moved into my first apartment and started playing around with scents for different rooms. Personally, I love a good floral fragrance no matter the time of the year. What would you say is your favorite family of scents to reach for?

GB: For me, it would be citrusy. There’s something that makes it exciting for me and I love the smell. But I also really love lavender. When I want to calm down, when I want to regroup, those are the two scents that I go for. But you know, every now and then, I throw in a vanilla scent or something really clean and fresh like the Febreze AIR Linen and Sky. It’s like accessorizing. It all depends on your mood.

JS: Scent styling is based on the scientific fact that smell profoundly impacts both mental and physical well-being. Thoughtfully layering different scents throughout one’s home, based on activities and vibes, can trigger certain moods, energies, and emotions that truly transform and enhance a space. Can you walk us through which Febreze scents, or products, you recommend for each of the different rooms in your house?

GB: For my kitchen, I love using the Febreze AIR Fresh Lemon because I think it’s fresh and clean, and you kind of expect that in a kitchen. For my entryway in my living room, I love the Febreze AIR Ember because it has mandarin and amber. And I think that’s just welcoming and fresh, but there’s something about it that’s also energizing. For my powder room, I could either do the Febreze AIR Mediterranean Lavender or I can do the Febreze AIR Linen and Sky. I love also the Febreze AIR Mediterranean Lavender for my bedroom. And the Febreze AIR Linen and Sky, I use in the area where my kids and their friends hang out on the weekends.


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JS: We’ve spoken mainly about scent, but there are so many other factors that go into truly making a house a home. Can you give our readers some exclusive tips or tricks that you like to use to refresh or level up your home? Especially now since we’re moving from summer to fall.

GB: I love to change décor — for example, you can switch things like throw pillows out, without even breaking the bank. You can get them anywhere from $10, all the way up. And I think that’s a great, easy way to refresh. 

Since autumn is coming, you can get some fall décor leaves or flowers and bring in pumpkins. Those are quick ways to change the decor to reflect the current season. And to change things up quickly. You don’t have to commit for the rest of the year and you can have fun. Decorating your home is supposed to be fun. Again, it’s just an expression of your personality.

JS: Fans absolutely loved hearing from you on ‘The Real.’ And, of course, we still have inside access to you through ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ and your recently published memoir “Love Me As I Am.” When you first began your career in acting and modeling, could you ever have imagined being in this place today?

GB: Absolutely not. I think I couldn’t have dreamt this big, especially coming from where I come from. When I was growing up, it felt like the options were limited for us — we could only choose one thing that we wanted to do. Even now, when we ask kids what they would like to be when they grow up, we sometimes don’t factor in that that choice will change over time.

I feel like now, we’re given more room to do other things. So I love the fact that I’m not just an actress. I love the fact that I’m an author, a TV host, and a reality star — I think that is the beauty of the times now, that we can do a multitude of things. So no way could I have dreamt this big, but I am happy to be here because I love doing all the things that I’m doing.


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JS: Will we ever see you on talk television again? You were so amazing.

GB: I hope so. That’s really my favorite platform. And I hope I can get back to it in one way, whether it’s my own show or it’s a panel show. I really love that, even though in cancel culture, some people can take things the wrong way. But I still love it. The things I express are just my point of view. And I just hope for my point of view to spark a deeper conversation. It’s not the end all and be all. It’s just my opinion. 

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