Maintaining your eyebrows isn’t always the most comfortable experience. However, it is a necessary part of the beauty process. There are so many ways to sculpt the perfect arch and size of eyebrows. You can use more old school methods, like tweezing or using a razor blade. More common techniques, include waxing, threading, microblading and microshading.

The eyebrow maintenance style that works best for you all boils down to your lifestyle and what you can afford, according to makeup artist and esthetician Charlene Dunlap.

“As far as longevity, microshading is going to be best, [and] second would be microblading,” Dunlap told 21Ninety. “Waxing and threading are definitely your more cost efficient options.”

She explains how each method works and how long you can expect them to last.


This type of eyebrow maintenance requires the use of hot wax. The wax is applied around the eyebrows with a wax stick. Adhesive strips are then used to remove excess hair and give a clean shape to the eyebrows.

“Then you go in with the tweezers and get excess hair that the wax didn’t pick up,” Dunlap explains to 21Ninety.

It’s a fairly simple process, but will be a little painful. Although it’s a more affordable option, hair grows back the fastest with waxing compared to some other techniques.

“Usually with waxing, you want to get [it] every 4 weeks,” Dunlap said. 


For a quicker method of eyebrow care, there is eyebrow threading. This process uses a string of thread to remove bunches of hair from across the brows. As the thread rolls across your eyebrows, it’s catching the hairs.

“Because it’s not all one strip like waxing, it is more painful,” Dunlap said. 

She says it may be possible to use some sort of numbing cream before threading or waxing. Make sure that it is completely dried before the start of a service. Dunlap says threading and waxing are certainly more cost efficient options for taking care of your eyebrows. Threading lasts a little longer than waxing does.

“Threading usually lasts 6 to 8 weeks,” Dunlap said.


Microblading requires the use of needles to make hair-like strokes along the brow.

“You dip the set of needles in ink and keep doing that until you get all of the fake hairs that you’re mimicking,” explains Dunlap.

This technique can last for about one year. One of the disadvantages that have been reported with microblading is that it can irritate the skin if not properly cared for.

“With blading, it does not do well with [melanin] skin, as far as healing,” Dunlap said.


If you want to deal with eyebrow maintenance as little as possible, look into microshading. It’s the longest lasting of the mentioned methods at up to three years. Dunlap describes it as having a semi-permanent tattoo.

“It’s a tattoo gun, but it doesn’t penetrate as deep as a body art tattoo does,” Dunlap said. “It’s for permanent makeup services.”

Dunlap also says she notices that this service heals better than getting your eyebrows microbladed. She does use a numbing topical to help customers tolerate any pain. Be prepared to pay upwards of $500 for microshading. Dunlap says the price could be higher, depending on the location of the service. It also requires two sessions.