TikTok users constantly share the most innovative beauty tricks and hacks. The latest making the rounds just might have you hooked. Creators across the app have been using Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow as a semi-permanent lip liner and have been loving the results.

The Details

TikTok users have touted this hack as one of the most convenient lipstick tricks they’ve tried. It gives you the look of a lined lip 24/7 without the hassle. That is, of course, until it fully fades. The trend first became popular during the summer of 2022 and died down towards the colder months. Since summer is in full swing once again, and Y2K fashion is still in the moment, having a nice, dark, lined lip is essential to pulling a look together for any occasion.

The product is meant to be used as a more affordable and convenient way to tint your brows at home. It comes in three shades and although it is meant for eyebrows, TikTok just wouldn’t be TikTok if it didn’t find a way to repurpose a product for more than one use.

Many Black women across the app have tried the viral hack and enjoy the results of a natural color to line their lips. When first applying the product, it does go on dramatically dark. However, just like when you get an eyebrow tint service, the end result will be much lighter. Users report leaving the product on for about 10 minutes before the fun part: peeling it off.

Once you’ve revealed a light brown shade after peeling off the product, you should then wipe your lips to get rid of any excess you may have missed when peeling. Next add your favorite shade of lipstick, blend, and viola! You have a perfectly lined lip and lipstick combination.

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