There are many things you may have to commit to in your life, like a tattoo, hairstyle, or hair color. However, piercings are not one of them. While you can remove a piercing, if it doesn’t heal correctly, it can leave an irreversible hole in your face or lead to a keloid scar. Fake face jewelry options offer a cute look that can be reversed without any damage.

Everyone craves a little experimentation. If you want a piercing without the commitment, fake jewelry is the best way to wear facial jewelry without the long-term commitment.

Why Wear Fake Face Jewelry?

If you want to express yourself and your style, fake facial jewelry might be the easy process you need. It’s inexpensive and allows you to experiment more with different piercings, sizes and positions.

Best Variety Pack

Longita Fake Piercings

On the off chance you’re a go-big-or-go-home person, this variety pack is for you. Whether you want to wear them all at the same time or change it up, this variety pack offers it all. With hoops, studs and chains, you can change up your style depending on your mood.

Best Nose Piercing Clip On

Punk Nose Rings Hoop Chain

If you’re looking for a nose ring that brings a dramatic dangling effect, then a hoop chain is exactly what you need. This fake nose piercing, with its intricate design and embellished add-ons, looks just like the real thing. If you want to add an edge to any look, this fake piercing is the one for you.

Best Fake Hoops Piercing

Earmark 20G Gold Fakes Face Nose Rings Hoop

Fake hoops are the perfect fake piercing to buy if you’re a beginner who wants to see if piercings are for you. They can be used in a variety of different positions and places. Whether it’s for your nose, septum, lip or eyebrow, these adjustable and delicate hoops look and feel like the real thing.

Best Custom Fake Jewelry

Gaia Lip Cuff

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Amzon

If you’re looking to support a small business and want something a bit more alternative to fake hoops and studs, then the Gaia Lip Cuff is sure to stand out. This middle-centered lip piercing features several dangling chains, making a statement and adding an edge to any look. Made with sturdy, tarnish-resistant gold, rose gold, bronze or silver wire, this fake lip cuff is not only adjustable, but also pain-free.

Best Fake Face Gems

MODRSA Fake Piercings

Sticking on a face gem and heading out the door seems to be the easiest and most convenient way to experiment with the look of face piercings. With stick-and-go face gems, wearing multiple piercings in various ways becomes effortless. No adjusting, squeezing or pinching is required. If you need to remove it, simply pulling it off the skin makes for a hole-free and pain-free experience.

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