Summer is packing its bags and getting ready to head out the door. The cool breeze and warm colors that come with the fall season offer an opportunity to switch up your style. Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with new hair colors and for Black women the possibilities are endless. Here’s a list of trending fall hair colors that will have you turning heads this season.

Head-Turning Fall Hair Dye Options

Breaking into the new season with a new dye will definitely have you ready to tackle the final quarter of the year with confidence. There is nothing better than an entirely new look to help you achieve your goals!


Auburn hair is like a warm embrace from the season itself. This deep, reddish-brown dye embodies the spirit of fall. Whether you choose a subtle tint or a bold, fiery shade, auburn adds warmth and depth to your hair. It complements various skin tones, making it a versatile choice for someone who wants to stand out this fall.

Jet Black

Photo Credit: Herms Hair | Instagram

Jet black hair never goes out of style. Along with its timelessness, it’s the epitome of sophistication. This classic dye is a bold choice that exudes confidence and power. The contrast from autumn’s vibrant colors, makes your hair the center of attention wherever you go. To keep your jet black locks looking their best, invest in quality hair care products that enhance shine.

Warm Blonde Highlights

While blonde hair might not be the first choice for some Black women, warm blonde highlights can create a stunning contrast with your natural hair color. These highlights add a touch of sun-kissed warmth to your look, invoking the feeling of a late summer afternoon. The warmth of the blonde complements the coolness of the fall season, creating a beautiful contrast in your hair.


Photo Credit: Kie RaShon | Instagram

Burgundy is such a classy dye for the fall. The wine-inspired hue adds depth and dimension to your hair. You can opt for a full head of burgundy or incorporate it as highlights. It adds a touch of luxury that complements the season’s cozy vibes. Burgundy hair paired with autumn fashion is an unmatched pair.

Ice Blonde

For those who want to make a dramatic statement this fall, ice blonde is the way to go. This ultra-light, cool-toned blonde is a bold switch from traditional fall colors but can make an unforgettable impact. Ice blonde hair paired with autumn-inspired makeup and clothing creates a contrast that will have heads turning wherever you go.