In a bold move, Fawn Weaver, the founder of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, took to social media to address hair discrimination against Black women in corporate America. Weaver, a trailblazer in her own right, minced no words as she underscored the absurdity of such biases in 2024.

In a video shared on her Instagram, Weaver’s words reverberated with power and conviction.

“How are we still having conversations about natural hair in 2024?” she questioned.

Her frustration palpable, Weaver highlighted the misguided emphasis on physical appearance over talent, intellect, and skill. Weaver’s message was crystal clear: corporate America’s fixation on hair is not just outdated but detrimental, leading to the exclusion of immense talent and potential.

Fawn Weaver’s Success as the Founder of Uncle Nearest

“I’m still the only black woman not connected to sports and entertainment to build a company that’s over a billion dollars,” Weaver said. “And I’m still adding on top of that, a real estate portfolio worth over $100 million.”

Despite her unparalleled success, Weaver refuses to conform to narrow standards of beauty perpetuated by corporate norms.

“Y’all can keep getting stuck on the hair if you want, Corporate America,” she said. “But I’m telling you if I had been in Corporate America, you would have missed out on me because I’m gonna rock my hair however I want and right now I’m rocking my braids and y’all just got to get used to it.”

Her call to action is a demand for systemic change. Weaver’s Instagram caption further reinforced her stance, emphasizing her multifaceted prowess beyond appearance.

“I am a brilliant woman, an incredible marketer, and storyteller,” she proclaimed. “I’m a team player and an out-of-the-box thinker, yet collaborative at every step, prioritizing my team’s needs over my own.”

Weaver’s plea is a warning to large companies that judging a candidate on superficial reasons could lead to a major miss.

“If you’re still fixated on a certain hairstyle, body type, or the way a person dresses,” she warned. “You’ll miss out on the next Fawn Weaver, who might currently be at the bottom of your ranks because you refuse to ‘see’ her.”