February, is that you, girl? We are almost one month down in 2022 and we are already loving the energy miss girl has shown up with. From new music to fun trends, this year has a little hint of being less insane than its predecessors. If you’ve been keeping an eye on what’s hot, you may be looking forward to what’s coming next the same way we are. But, though we have a whole year ahead of us, there are a few things that have already given us the feels. And after the last year or so we’ve all had, a little joy is definitely on the menu. So, here are seven things we are currently loving. 

Self Care for Black Women: 150 Ways To Radically Accept & Prioritize Your Mind, Body & Soul by Oludara Adeeyo

This collection of great ways to put yourself first is everything. With ideas ranging from “get your hair braided” to “release limiting friendships” and “learn your family’s history”—we know this is going to be a valuable and necessary resource for the rest of 2022. Adeeyo is a psychotherapist who works as a psychiatric social worker and is passionate about helping people improve their overall well-being, especially Black women. 

Hair Food x Hannah Bronfman hair, skin & nails vitamins

Listen, we are looking for growth in every area of our lives. These supplements include fermented biotin and superfood herbs to make you glow from the inside out and help your hair flourish. Everything is au naturale and you can definitely easily add these into your daily routine without throwing anything off course. 

The Little Book of Self-Healing by Nneka M. Okona

This gem features 150+ practices for healing your mind, body and soul penned by an author who openly shares about the ways in which she’s had to heal from unthinkable loss and grief. The suggestions range from deeply personal practices like “face depression with compassion” to daily applications like “tap into food creativity”. Wherever you are on your healing journey (because it is a lifetime trip), this book can be a great one to have by your side. 

Caprisongs by FKA Twigs

The girl is back and she’s as open as ever. This British bombshell is always finding new ways to keep innovating and raising the bar in music. Her latest offering takes a deep dive into trauma and comes out on the other side with a “I been that b****” self-assurance that we can all take into the rest of our year. 

Season 2 of Euphoria

The show that none of us could stop talking back has returned and it’s still as much of a wild ride as it was in its inaugural offering. Helmed by Emmy-award winner, Zendaya and produced by Drake, this show touches on the parts of life we can forget are happening all around us. No stranger to moments that make you cringe, gasp or even cause you to need to look away, it’s nice to see a show that knows what it is and never tries to be anything else. 

Mari by Marsai

Honestly, we are just here for everything Marsai Martin. The budding mogul has decided to cement her spot in the ever-growing beauty landscape and will be launching a brand dedicated to nail colors in February. Giving a tight-lipped and evasive heads-up, Martin took to her IG posting herself looking adorable as always but also tagged the brand’s page with the caption “2/2/22”. Sis, say less. 

Abbot Elementary

Quinta Brunson has managed to create a show that is, at once, so familiar and yet completely universal. If you attended a public school, you’ll recognize the characters in this show and laugh endlessly at the relationships between them. It’s a whip smart and hilarious look at the failing public school system with familiar and beloved faces like Sheryl Lee Ralph and Tyler James Williams.