Beauty dupes are the best way to get the makeup looks/products you want without breaking the bank. Dupes can be finding similar eyeshadow shades, lip colors, or even how the products themselves function. But finding beauty dupes on your own can be difficult, time-consuming and cost a lot of money. Luckily, there are blogs and Instagrams that do the dirty work for you! Here are the best beauty blogs and Instagram accounts to follow for beauty dupes: 


Photo: @temptalia/Instagram

Temptalia does dupes, swatches, reviews, and even has a foundation matrix to find your perfect match.


Photo: @dupethat/Instagram

This is literally an Instagram full of dupes. This account is an actual GOD SEND; and with more than 1 million followers, I think many would agree! 

Match My Makeup


Match My Makeup is primarily a website to help you match your shade of foundation across different brands. However, they also have a lengthy dupe list.

Mash Elle


Mash Elle has dupes ranging from beauty products to clothes.

Buying Cruelty-Free Dupe List


Buying Cruelty-Free has an entire section dedicated to cruelty-free dupes! This is awesome if buying cruelty-free products is incredibly important to you. 

Makeup Talk 


Makeup Talk is an online makeup community, but there are tons of discussions within the community about makeup dupes. With a lot of different users, this is a really interactive platform. 


So, it might not be a blog or an Instagram, but going on Pinterest and searching "makeup dupes" will leave you with thousands of results full of FANTASTIC dupes.