With ushering in each new season comes new trends in fashion and beauty. As we enter into the phase of deep rich colors and neutral tones, let’s be mindful that we don’t have to play it safe especially with our eyes. This season is about vibrancy and creating a look that not only accentuates the eyes but causes conversation. From playing in shades of pink to aqua-infused colorways and shimmer, these fall trends will keep you at the center of conversations.


A good shimmer goes a long way. At least that is what I was told. Whether you layer the shimmer on your base shadow or buy a shimmer-infused palette, when the color glides across your lid, the light reflects beautifully. It adds a bit of freshness to your eyes. Try pairing with wispy lashes and you have a winner.


You can either go with variations of green or keep it monochromatic with brown. But the colorway of a tortoiseshell is heating up as one of the hottest trends this fall. 


Typically, depth is created on the eyelid by strategically placing deeper shades on the lid. This season, you will not need to have various palettes. You can keep it in the same family of colors and blend out for a flush look. 


The fall is definitely about the deeper tones, but this fall, the matte pastels are the rave. The lilac and rose are giving everything you will need when you step out this season. 


In the vein of color, everything that resembles jewels is hot. Think of your rich blue sapphire shadows and amber-colored palettes. Don’t forget about the deep emeralds and garnet. Your jewelry is on your eyelids instead of on your wrist.


Like the monochromatic look, you don’t need a plethora of shadow, just a great brush, beautiful color, and a bit of technique. Smoking is not as hard as it appears. Think of it in its literal sense. Smoke is the thickest closest to the bottom. As it moves away from the fire, the smoke gets thinner and thinner. On the base of your eyelid, concentrate the color. Pack it on. As you move into your crease, blend out the color so that it isn’t as concentrated! 


Rose is the shade that works well for every season and event. If you have a neutral eye, popa hint of rose on the inner corners of your eyelid or use it as a color for your lash line. 

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