If there is one thing a friend group of girls are going to do, it’s go to brunch. Bottomless mimosas, great food, good music, and lively conversations always are a great time with your friends.

While the affair is exciting, it also can get repetitive. However, there are several ways to add a dash of excitement to your next girl’s brunch. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving some quality time with your best friends, here’s some ways to spice things up and leave your friends with a lasting memory.

Themed Brunch Outfits

Take your the brunch experience to the next level by choosing a fun theme for everyone. From a chic ’90s vibe inspired by “Clueless” to channeling your inner Beyoncé with a fierce “Formation” theme, the options are endless. Encourage creativity and watch your squad transform into style icons.

Dares Make the Brunch Table Go ‘Round

Inject some thrill into your brunch date by setting dares for each other to complete throughout the day. Whether it’s striking up a conversation with a stranger, busting out your best dance moves in the middle of the restaurant or ordering the most adventurous dish on the menu, these dares will add an extra layer of excitement and laughter to your gathering.

The Waterfall Game

This classic drinking game is the perfect way to keep the mimosas flowing without any interruptions. Simply start by having one person begin sipping their drink. Then, once the person to the right sees them start, they will do the same. It will continue down the line until everyone is drinking. The catch is you can’t stop until the person before you stops.

Mix and Mingle with Mimosas

You could settle for a classic mimosa, but as a spicy twist, try mixing things up with a variety of flavors. Encourage your squad to order different types of mimosas. From traditional orange to exotic mango, there are several options for everyone to choose from. Create a mimosa tasting station where everyone can sample each other’s concoctions and vote for their favorite.

Brunch with Arts and Crafts

Unleash your inner artist with an arts and crafts brunch that’s sure to spark your creativity. Set up a DIY station complete with paints, brushes and plain margarita glasses waiting to be transformed into personalized masterpieces. Whether you’re a Picasso in the making or just love getting crafty, this activity is guaranteed to add a colorful touch to your brunch date.