Did you know that pimple patches can double as an accessory. Pimple patches are known for being relatively clear circles that you place over acne. But the blemish-clearing dots can also come in a number of different shapes and colors. You can cover your pimples with an effective patch that also matches your personality.

Do Pimple Patches Actually Work?

Yes, pimple patches do work.

“They prevent the user from picking at the acne, which can [become] irritated, inflamed, and sometimes scar,” board-certified dermatologist David Li, MD, MBA, told 21Ninety.

The board-certified dermatologist continued to mention that pimple patches also protect the blemish from environmental stressors as well as absorb excess fluids. They do with the use of hydrocolloid. It’s a material that creates the optimal environment for extracting fluid and debris. 

The efficacy of a pimple patch depends on the type of acne that you have.

“Pimple patches aren’t great for deeper cystic acne and some forms of very inflammatory acne,” Dr. Li stated.

However, a they are effective for the spots that tend to pop up on the surface of your skin. 

Best Hydrocolloid Patch

Winky Lux Catne Pimple Patches

Photo Courtesy of Ulta

Winky Lux’s Catne Pimple Patches are hydrocolloid patches that are shaped like tiny cats. Each column of cats is a different color, too. There’s white, orange, light pink, bright pink, and clear patches in this 50 count box. 

Best Microneedle Patch

Starface Micro-Cloud

Photo Courtesy of Starface

Starface’s Micro-Cloud uses hydrocolloid and microdarts – also known as microneedles – to target acne. The microneedles send key ingredients into the surface of the spot to help speed up the healing process. Plus, the 12 patches in this pack are shaped like tiny smiling clouds. 

Best Over-Makeup Patch

The Crème Shop Hello Kitty Over-Makeup Blemish Patches

The Crème Shop’s Hello Kitty Over-Makeup Blemish Patches are the only pimple patches on the list that don’t go directly onto your skin. They are also infused with salicylic acid to help reduce redness and prevent future breakouts. In this 21-piece pack, you’re getting two versions of Hello Kitty patches along with rainbows, bows, stars, and hearts of varying sizes. 

Best Retinol-Infused Patch

Innisfree Retinol Cica Focusing Patches

Each of Innisfree’s Retinol Cica Focusing Patches are shaped like four-leaf clovers with printed four-leaf clovers on each patch. Along with its cute design each of the 18 microneedle patches have a blend of salicylic acid, retinol, and hyaluronic acid. 

Best Salicylic Acid-Infused Patch

Pacifica LoveZit Anytime Acne & Pimple Patches

Pacifica’s LoveZit Anytime Acne & Pimple Patches are shaped like hearts to send your skin some love. Each of the 32 vegan patches have a blend of salicylic acid and niacinamide in them. Plus, these patches come inside a reusable tin.   

Best Tea Tree-Infused Patch

Starface Hydro-Star + Tea Tree

Photo Courtesy of Starface

Starface’s Hydro-Star + Tea Tree features the plant-based extract to help prevent excess oil production. That way, your skin’s extra oils won’t get in the way of your breakout’s healing process. Each box comes with 32 patches.  

Best Zinc-Infused Patch

The Crème Shop BT21 Brilliant Skin Hydrocolloid Acne Patches

The Crème Shop’s BT21 Brilliant Skin Hydrocolloid Acne Patches are infused with zinc to reduce the inflammation that comes with acne. This 32-count pack of cruelty-free pimple patches come with all of the BT21 characters. These are the characters that K-pop supergroup BTS designed themselves. 

How To Use a Pimple Patch for the Best Results

Before applying a pimple patch use a “cleanser your face with a gentle hydrating cleanser or an acne cleanser, and dry the skin,” according to Dr. Li. Then, you’ll want to select a patch that will actually cover the spot you’re trying to treat.

“Acne that is too small or too large/deep may not benefit substantially,” the board-certified dermatologist explained. Once you’ve picked out an appropriately sized patch, wash your hands and apply the pimple patch over the acne. 

Then, avoid getting the patch wet by water or other liquids so that it sticks to your skin all day or night. Additionally, change out your pimple patch according to the directions on the package. That way, your acne won’t be sitting in its own gunk for an unnecessarily long time.

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