Every year, it seems there’s a new nail trend popping up. There was the rise and fall of coffin nails, blueberry milk nails, acrylics, and gel shellac nails. But this latest trend goes beyond mere aesthetics—it prioritizes the health and integrity of your nails while also saving you money. A Gel X manicure isn’t just about looks; it’s about durability and practicality.

Gel X originates from the nail culture hub of Los Angeles, where nail art is practically a religion. It’s no surprise then that this innovative approach to nails comes from a place known for its adventurous and culturally rich nail scene.

What’s better for your nails between Gel X and Acrylic?

What sets Gel X apart is its application process. Unlike acrylics, which can be painful and high-maintenance, these extensions are applied with Extend Gel directly onto the natural nail. This not only creates a flawless finish but also maintains the health of your nails. Plus, Gel X doesn’t require the use of strong-smelling acrylic monomers, making it a great option for those sensitive to fragrances.

Another perk? This technique saves you money in the long run. While it might require a slightly higher initial investment, you’ll spend less on frequent salon visits and nail products. Not to mention ridding yourself of the tedious fillings required with acrylic nails. And since Gel X doesn’t chip easily, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of a rugged look while waiting for your next appointment.

On the beauty subforum of Reddit “r/Nails” users shared stories of their transition from Acrylic to Gel X. One user wrote, “I switched from acrylic to polygel, then to gel x. I like really long nails and my natural nails grow stupid fast. I was constantly breaking acrylics and had to get them filled every 2 weeks regardless.” She goes on to add, ” Polygel, I did myself and had issues with longevity, I also hated the removal process. Gel x is by far my favorite! Easy to apply, lasts 3 weeks, though I usually redo them sooner because I love changing nails, easy to remove, and always look perfect shaping wise.”

In short, Gel X is a game-changer in the world of nail care—providing durability, health, and cost-saving benefits all in one sleek manicure.