Gen Z are TikTok’s main target audience, and they have become renowned for approaching social media use with authenticity.

Gen Zers

TikTok is increasingly becoming one of the leading social media channels, and because it is mainly populated by tech-savvy Gen Zers, there are always new trends that are emerging from it. Over time, TikTok has become one of the prominent social media outlets for authentic storytelling, ideas, hacks and inspiration. The recent “trend” that has taken the platform by storm is young adults who have experienced heartbreak and are candidly telling their stories of love gone wrong and even crying while doing so.

A Different Gen

In addition to shorter levels of life experience, the CDC mentioned that Gen Zers tend to be more open compared to other generations because of higher levels of anxiety and depression as well as significantly higher suicide rates.

The study also pointed out that the onset of the pandemic and its aftermath caused a lot of Gen Z members to develop significant empathy for others.


Human Connection

According to Lori Gottlieb, a psychotherapist who was quoted in Insider and wrote the New York Times bestseller “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone,” TikToks of people crying over breakups didn’t necessarily come as a surprise. The social media platform has given people the opportunity to be significantly expressive. Although Gottlieb said that crying online might not be the healthiest route, it does have its upsides. Although posting online is an extremely vulnerable process, professionals said that TikTokers who share their grief in person create an opportunity for people they know in person to reconnect and offer support.