There’s always a burgeoning trend on our social media feeds. From Instagram to Tiktok, viral trends (like romantic partners) always seem to come and go. And though these trends are a harmless way of connecting community, what trend searches should we draw the bottom line for?

Whether it’s the viral Barbiecore aesthetic or latte makeup, there are a certainly few trends out there that just make sense. Think Barbie-inspired nails and smokey eyes, I mean, enough said right? These trends, in particular, add a sense of glitz and glamour to everyday life and can pretty much be tried by any and everyone with a phone. And though there are an equal amount of trends out there that are worth trying, what about the ones that simply just, aren’t?

If you’ve logged onto Tiktok recently, you’ve probably come across a rising dieting trend known by Tiktok users as, “Girl Dinner.” From not eating at all to eating overpriced cheeses, this viral fad is making its way to social media feeds near and far. But why? Below we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the questionable girl dinner trend and why it’s “trending.”

What Is The Girl Dinner Trend?

Think of a light dinner or an expensive Lunchable snack, the girl dinner trend is literally just a charcuterie board. Whether it’s an overpriced assortment of cheese or prosciutto, girl dinners are an assortment of snack-like foods that will do the job of filling you up. Again, we pose the question of why we ever needed this, but hey, trends can be as fun as we decide to make them ( hence, why the girl dinner trend is going viral on social media).

Released back in May, Olivia Maher, the showrunner’s assistant at Apple TV+, released a video of a charcuterie-like board filled with bagel crackers, pickles, salami slices, guacamole, and strawberries. The board is actually fairly aesthetic and shows just how great of an option snack boards can be for party throwers, entertainers, and yes, even corporate girlies looking for a light snack to indulge in for dinner. And though the girl dinner trend emphasizes splurging on expensive meats and cheeses, it’s now become even more questionable. TikTok users have now turned the trend into a way of glamorizing dieting and eating disorders with trending videos that showcase users either not eating dinner at all or only eating an ice cream bar.

In context, the trend promotes a limited view of femininity that can be damaging to users and young girls.

Why Is The Girl-Dinner Trend Going Viral?

Ever since the girl dinner trend emerged on social media feeds, the fad has amassed over 212 million views on Tiktok with more views counting per day. All in all, girl dinners are trending because they require less time to make and are one of the fastest ways to have a “full-course” meal without the hassle of actually preparing it. “Who has time after an eight-to-10-hour workday to follow a 25-step recipe that requires 20 ingredients? Not me,” said Anna Laverty, a content creator who frequently makes girl dinners on her Tiktok page.

The trend is surfacing the internet from a few different angles. Those who view it to be controversial vs those who are simply on Tiktok to make a joke. The trend was originally made to show an elevated snack plate, however, it is now the center of Tiktok memes, response videos calling the trend out, and those who are actually trying to promote unhealthy dieting habits.

The Trend Is Receiving Controversy Over Excluding Genders And Promoting Unhealthy Dieting Norms

As fun as the name may sound, the girl dinner trend is receiving controversy with social media users stating that it only highlights one gender, poses an unhealthy way of dieting, and is not necessarily linked to”femininity.” One Tiktok user stated, “While it can be realistic in a sense it is also damaging because we shouldn’t be doing that. We need to love our bodies and eat when we’re hungry.”

Another user stated that the trend glamorizes eating disorders and doesn’t like seeing these sorts of trends going viral. “I don’t like seeing eating disorders being normalized, it is not okay. Some people say that it’s not that serious, but it is.” Other users are saying that the trend doesn’t promote unhealthy eating habits by stating, “Obviously it’s a trend; taking stuff way too seriously.” and “Sometimes people are poor, lazy to cook, working and forgetting, etc life happens, sometimes you miss a meal 1/2.”

While there are many sides to viewing the viral girl dinner trend, the question still remains, where should we draw the bottom line for what’s actually “trend-worthy.”