This year’s VMA’s was a night to remember. There were many iconic moments but one that seemed to have stood out to viewers was a moment that brought everyone some nostalgia. The boy band NSYNC reunited on stage for the first time in years to present the award for Best Pop. This sent viewers into a frenzy. It even prompted a 1,150% increase in Google searches for “NSYNC reunion tour,” according to a report from online casinos comparison service Casino Alpha.

However, we can’t forget the girl groups who dominated the charts back in their day. They deserve some love as well! Here are a few girl groups we’d love to see on tour.

A Girl Group Reunion Tour

Destiny’s Child

This list of course has to start with Destiny’s Child. The group came up during the same era that NSYNC and dominated just as much. Although the group’s members often switched up, their hold on the culture never altered. There have been rumors swirling online as well that the group may be joining forces once more for their upcoming anniversary.


During that same era, girl group, 3LW took to the scene and came with the heat. Members Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams and Naturi Naughton each have grown and developed their own separate careers but they’re all tied to this group. Their song, “No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)” is still a single that people can’t get out of their heads to this day.

The Cheetah Girls

Although the Cheetah Girls were a fictional group created from the minds of producers at Disney, the group was a cultural staple. To this day, young millennials who group up watching the movie can probably sing the single, “Cinderella” word for word without skipping a beat. A tour from this group may just be the harmony the world needs right now.

Danity Kane

When talking about girl groups, you can’t leave out Danity Kane. This Diddy-created group was one of the few successful groups from the TV show “Making the Band.” Their single, “Damaged” lives on with many women throughout their lives. The group did fall apart because of conflicting views, however getting a tour with all five ladies would be the gift that keeps on giving.


The final group on this list is the OG girl group to make history. TLC set the tone for the afro-futuristic styles that the girls groups after them portrayed. Their trendsetter fashions and out-of-this-world music made them a force to be reckoned with. Although one member, Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez, passed away in 2002, a reunion tour would still be warranted for this bomb girl group!