BET award-winner and Hollywood trailblazer, Marsai Martin, is working with the specs experts at GlassesUSA on a three-part personality-driven drop. “Four Eyes Are Better Than Two” is the name of the overall campaign which is inspired by Martin and her advocacy efforts in expanding representation while encouraging everyone to express themselves. 

The first of three drops is available now! It’s a 28-piece collection of customizable specs inspired by channeling the summer vibes. But, don’t let the inspiration stop you from rocking a pair all year long. Each pair of glasses in the drop is unique just like its future wearer. There is something for everyone in this collection.

Customize Your Frames

All of the frames on GlassesUSA are customizable. You get to select a colorway from the assortment of colors listed and you get to customize your lenses. 

Under every pair of glasses you can add a preferred prescription lens, a reading lens, or a non-prescription lens. Then, you select your preferred lens thickness and type. Next, you get to opt into which type of tint you want in addition to whether or not you want polarized or mirrored lenses. 

The second to last step involves the option to make your glasses super hydrophobic. That means you can make your shades extra water-, fingerprint-, and dirt-resistant. Lastly, you can add on a coverage plan to lock-in replacement glasses in case you break your pair.

GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Amelia E. Swift

The GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Amelia E. Swift shades are a dope pair of glasses. Featuring small oval frames and a detachable chain, you can rock these as sunglasses or customize them with prescription lenses. 

Martin is pictured wearing the color choice that boasts gold frames with brown lenses. But, you also have the option to pick up a pair with silver frames with a smokey green lens.

GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Muse Toppin

Photo Courtesy of GlassesUSA

These GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin glasses, named Muse Toppin, boldly frame your world view with statement frames. The medium-sized specs feature sizable square frames in both translucent and solid colors. Black and tortoise have more opaque frames, while brown and blue are translucent.

GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Ottoto Melany

Do you remember when you last pair of glasses split in half, so you had to tape the middle? Well, the GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Ottoto Melany specs mimic that same look in a much more fashionable way. They boast medium-sized round frames with a metal arch that sits on top of the nose bridge. There are four colors available: black, brown, green, blue, and yellow. With the exception of the black pair, all of the glasses have tortoise accents.

GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Amelia E. Deedee

The medium-sized GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Amelia E. Deedee glasses are an ovular pair of shades that give off a retro vibe. The frame of the lenses is a bit more bold on the side, then tapers as it closes towards the center of the face. 

Black, brown, and blue are your color options. The black is solid, the brown features swirls similar to the rings on a cut piece of wood, meanwhile the blue is just translucent.

GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Amelia E. Mae

Photo Courtesy of GlassesUSA

The GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Amelia E. Mae specs are the coolest blue light-blocking glasses you could own. Yes, you read that right. You can add blue light-blocking lenses under the customization settings. Otherwise, feel free to add in your personal prescription. These glasses are only available in silver. They feature smokey green tips that wrap around the ears along with a detachable silver chain.

GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Amelia E. Hazel

Reach for the GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Amelia E. Hazel shades for a new take on the classic cat-eye silhouette. These thick medium-sized frames are available in four colors: black, green, tortoise, and blue. The green and blue come with a silver chain. And, the remaining colors feature a gold chain.

GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Ottoto Skill

Photo Courtesy of GlassesUSA

The medium-sized GlassesUSA x Marsai Martin Ottoto Skill glasses feature slender square frames. These simple, yet stylish specs come in two colorways: tortoise with gold and green with silver. And, yes, you can turn these into blue light-blocking glasses. The lens covers the eye from the brow bone to the under-eye to bounce blue light away from your peepers. 

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