Fast-rising rapper GloRilla has one simple message for young women in their twenties: stay toxic. The “Tomorrow 2” rapper took to her Instagram stories early Tuesday to dispense this life lesson.

“I just want to let y’all know, be toxic for the rest of your twenties,” the 24-year-old rapper said.

She tells her followers that they only have one life to live and that toxic behavior, like slashing tires, shouldn’t be carried into their thirties.

“Be toxic for the rest of your twenties and if you delusional turn that sh*t up a notch, enjoy the rest of your twenties,” she reasoned online.

GloRilla’s advice has been received with mixed reactions, with many pushing against the notion of toxicity. One user’s response to the video started circulating on Twitter/X. The user shared that toxicity brings regrets.

“Have fun. Go to parties. Dance. Travel. Meet new people. Try new restaurants, jump out of a plane (wear a parachute) but don’t ever be toxic because lemme tell you, Karma never forgets an address,” the user quipped.

Even some celebrities weighed in on the rapper’s complicated advice. Under an online gossip pages reposting of the video rapper Lil Mama vehemently disagreed.

“Don’t be TOXIC on purpose and end up doing 25 to life. You’ll only be 50 once too,” she advised viewers.

Another commenter wrote, “If you spend your 20’s being toxic instead of maturing you’ll still be doing the same in your 30’s.”

The Novelty Of Toxicity

Over the years, Black women have been fighting and advocating for ease and self-care. As the psychiatric social worker and author of “Self-care for Black Women” writes, “For Black women, self-care isn’t just manicures and massages—though it can include them. It is about activities that aid our self-preservation in a world that is structured to oppress us. It is preventive care.” Glorilla’s commentary, however, confirms a rising shift away from that narrative. Social media also helps amplify messaging like this, with #StayToxic videos permeating every corner of apps like TikTok and suggesting various ways to tap into toxicity in relationships.

The “F.N.F” rapper’s advice also hinges on the notion that certain behaviours are only permissible at certain ages. In her video, she states that certain toxic behaviour becomes repressible as women get older and perhaps gain a lot more responsibilities.