Rising rapper GloRilla debut EP is set to release Friday, Nov. 11.

The Memphis rapper has risen through the ranks and become one of the female artists to watch. Yesterday, she revealed the cover of her debut, “Anyways, Life’s Great”.

“Excited to share the official cover for my debut EP “Anyways… Life’s Great” dropping Friday 11/11!!!”, she said in the post. “Super excited for this my anxiety thru the roof lmaooo GloRidaz!!! I need everybody to go run up the pre-save (p.s) I got something for y’all tomorrow.”


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GloRilla first announced her EP releases on Oct. 5, after her first award win ever at the 2022 BET Hip Hop. 

The EP will include her hits F.N.F ( Let’s Go) and Tomorrow 2 Ft Cardi B, along with seven other new tracks. 

In an interview with NME magazine, the 23-year-old rapper discussed what fans can expect from her upcoming EP.

“I think that people are going to love it,” she said in the interview. “I got some catchy songs on there, but I also talk to my people there. There’s songs about… pain — well, I ain’t going to say pain because the only difference between the past me and who I am now is that I’ve got money now.”

She adds: “I feel like I’m the same person, but [musically] I have found my sound. When I’m in the car with my manager and they start playing my old music, I’ll be like, ‘Turn it off!’.”