Since her iconic role in the hit series “Bridgerton,” Guyana-born actress Golda Rosheuvel has skyrocketed into global stardom. Though she was originally rejected for the role of Lady Danbury, she was asked to audition for Queen Charlotte, landing the part for three seasons and even inspiring a spinoff series. With sudden fame and the world’s relentless attention came many questions surrounding Rosheuvel’s personal life, including what’s going on romantically. 

A love that’s thrived for nearly a decade, Golda Rosheuvel and her partner Shireen Mula share a love for the arts, which is ultimately what brought them together, and Rosheuvel is proud of the queer partnership she’s finally letting the world peer into.

How Did Golda Rosheuvel and Shireen Mula Meet?

Meeting at a mutual friend’s party in the early 2010s, Mula and Rosheuvel’s connection was palpable and nearly immediate. Spanning many years and chapters, they’ve called many cities home and secretly wed in late 2023. The ceremony was nowhere near Bridgerton-style, boasting much less extravagancy and opting for an intimate guest list of friends and family.

While Rosheuvel was advised not to come out as a lesbian so early in career, she wasn’t interested in hiding herself nor her partnership. She lives her truth boldly and unapologetically, sharing “My sexuality is really important to me in terms of existing, knowing that I’m important. I’m as important as anyone on the planet. My partner always says, ‘The mere fact that you’re on the screen. The mere fact that you’re in Bridgerton as a Black, biracial, cis-gender, lesbian playing the first Black queen of England. The fact that you’re there is immense.’ ”

Who Is Golda Rosheuvel’s Wife?

Shireen Mula is a successful Irish playwright who has worked on productions across the globe, having written over a dozen plays. With a deep knowledge of the business, she and Rosheuvel commonly share a respect for theater, as this is where the actress got her start, with roles like Mercutio in “Romeo and Juliet” and the titular “Othello.” As Rosheuvel navigates a new world of fame, Mula has played an integral role in holding her down. “The attention has been a big adjustment and it’s great to have somebody there who can hold you in the moments you find difficult and help you navigate the ups and downs.”

A decade-long love, it’s safe to say this duo is solid. So what’s the secret to being and staying in love for so many years? “It’s very, very important that we have joy, even in the tough times,” Rosheuvel shared with Out Magazine. “In the nine years that Shireen and I have been together, that has been the core element of us sticking together and working things out. I’m so grateful for Shireen. Because from day one, she’s been strong enough to do that.”