When it comes to hair removal there are many options. Razors, waxes, and removal muds can get the job done but may also leave your skin irritated and inflamed. Fear not sensitive skin beauties! There’s another solution worth exploring – sugar wax by Sugardoh! Conceived by the girl boss herself, Aliyah Marandiz, Sugardoh offers a gentle alternative to the harsh methods of hair removal. Say goodbye to skin woes and embrace this black-owned brand’s innovative option!

Black Business Month

During the month of August, Black-owned businesses are celebrated and uplifted. 21Ninety is highlighting several, Black women owned companies that you should know. That includes Sugardoh and it’s innovative offerings!

The Birth of Sugardoh

As a college student weighing out her options for hair removal Aliyah Marandiz came across sugar waxing on social media. Sugaring is a hair removal technique that uses a natural sugar-based paste to gently remove hair from the root while exfoliating the skin. It is known for leaving skin smooth and soft without causing damage. After sugaring with absolutely no skin irritation, Marandiz knew that she was now a sugar mama. Recognizing the sustainability of sugar wax and the lack of its presence in stores she got into the lab and begin to whip up recipes of her own.

After receiving some feedback and trial and error with the ingredients, she perfected her recipe. Sugardoh was born. With the Covid pandemic stopping all salon activity, Sugardoh was the perfect DIY method for hair removal. With women looking for at-home solutions all over the internet, Sugardoh went viral in November 2020. By August, the brand was on the shelves in hundreds of Ulta stores without the help of investors. It’s needless to say that the power of social media had the girls trading wax for sugar.

21Ninety rounded up some of the brands best offerings if you’re new to sugaring and want to give it a try.


Sugardoh Must-Haves

Sugaring Paste Hair Remover

Sugardoh’s Sugaring Paste Hair Remover and Exfoliator gently uproots hair with less pain than waxing. This taffy-like paste is applied by hand. It’s perfect for beginners and should be used on thicker, coarser hair on various body parts.

Photo Courtesy of Ulta

Head-To-Toe Sugaring Kit

For the girls who aren’t new to this but true to this the Head-To-Toe Sugaring Kit is the way to go. Inside the kit, you get both the medium and firm consistencies of the signature Sugardoh paste, six reusable strips, a reusable applicator, and step-by-step instructions to get you the best results. This is everything that you need to start your sugaring journey right.

Photo Courtesy of Ulta

Pre Sugaring Body Powder

Preparation is key to getting good results with sugar waxing. The Pre Sugaring Body Powder is a must. Made with finely ground natural grains, this magic powder works wonders by shielding you against sweat, chafing, and any unwanted odor. It’s the perfect prep potion for your skin before indulging in Sugardoh’s fabulous sugaring hair removal.

Photo Courtesy of Ulta

Sugaring Tool Kit

Whether you’re a DIY diva making your own sugar wax or treating yourself to Sugardoh’s Kits, the Sugaring Tool Kit for Beginners is here to level up your sugar waxing game! Enjoy convenience with the Reusable Sugaring Applicator and Reusable Cloth strips, making hair removal a breeze without getting your hands sticky. 

Photo Courtesy of Ulta

Post Sugaring Soothing Gel

Post-care is just as important as the preparation and Sugardoh has the perfect product for sugar waxing aftercare. Sugardoh’s Post Sugaring Soothing Gel is the ultimate cooling and calming serum, enriched with organic Aloe Vera straight from nature’s bounty. This cooling and calming magic is here to rescue you after hair removal, reducing redness and reversing sunburns while keeping your skin and hair moisturized to perfection.

Photo Courtesy of Ulta

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